Iranian leader's opening rant...sounded like a JW

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  • Iron Rod
    Iron Rod

    No worries Jeff! As far as the tone of your posts goes...I just thought that you "sounded" confident and assertive. I know what you mean though. When I was checking over a couple of my posts, I noticed that they read as being a bit aggressive. Thats why I noted parenthetically a couple of times that that wasn't my intention. I suppose that thats just one of the peculiarities related to communicating in this manner. The "listener" has no vocal characteristics or facial expressions to use as reference points. I don't think you're a jerk at all. If members of the collective thought you were, it was probably just because they couldn't deal with your confidence.

    You know what I just realized?............Right off the bat, in my first post on this thread, I was off the topic considerably. Sorry, restrangled.......newbie mistake

    Yeah, Amadinijad did sound rather similar to a JW. Thats not surprising though. After all, they both espouse extreme,authoritarian versions of their respective faiths; faiths that share a bit of common ancestry.

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