Iranian leader's opening rant...sounded like a JW

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  • Uzzah

    Barry. Yoru comments are technically correct since the Geneva Conventions were written before terrorism became the preferred tactic of some. Tho there is also a strong argument that in any civil war (e.g. US Civil War), the non-government factions can be labelled terrorist in that they are not part of a unified/uniformed army (such as unaffiliated milita groups).

    Regardless of the technicality, the Geneva Conventions were written about respecting human dignity even during conflict. This basic premise of Humanity precludes the use of torture. Basic human rights of rights to food, dignity and respect need to be given even if the person being detained did not offer this to others.

    human ... humane

    inhuman - inhumane

    Being inhumane to other humans drops us down the evolutionary chain significantly rather than growing. "Justified" inhumanity is still inhuman.

  • hillary_step


    Didn't anyone ask him about the stoning to death of adulterers and the public hunging of teenage girls for violating the sexual moral code of Islam? These are undeniable facts, though the execution of homosexuals is also well documented and expected in a country strictly adhering to Islamic law.

    The extent of humankind to display ceaseless and barbaric cruelty is never a surprise. In this instance, these people likely learned their methodology of lingering and torturous execution from the Bible itself. The Bible is filled with rather exacting demands of how persons should be put to death, stoning often being the kindest method, and these instructions being received from "God" himself. Remember, Christianity depended on people manipulated by God to nail someone to a lump of wood in order to have its inception. I know that you are a Christian, so I am wondering what exactly you are trying to prove with your post. Is that that though your religion had roots in such similarly disgusting behavior, it has now grown up? Death by stoning in 3000BCE was no less painful or undignified as it is now, nor is piling up foreskins in the sun any less perfumed a moment, Hypocrisy comes in many guises, some of them in the shape of mirrors. HS

  • Satanus

    Slap the terrorist label on a group, and that justifies throwing out rule of law. Of course, the road to war on iraq is paved w lies. So, your reasoning, barry, fits right in. Under the legal system, the us, w the help, cooperation and moral pressure of the international community would have determined who were the perps, and then put pressure on the countries harboring them. Those countries were afghanistan and pakistan, not iraq. If they had not been forthcoming, then other measures could have been taken. Afghanistan and pakistan could have been invaded. Pakistan should have been the country to be invaded, as that was where bin laden was hanging his hat. This goes right over the heads of bushbots.

  • hillary_step


    Steve the Iranian government has said consistently they will wipe out Israel with Atomic weopons. Where do you read youre news stories? Direct from Tehran.

    Can we have some credible evidence that the Iranian Government has "said consistently" that it will use nuclear weapons to wipe out Israel, once of course they have the capability.

    Thanks - HS

  • kerj2leev
    As far as I know, Iran has never threatened to use nuclear weapons against other states

    Are you really that naive? How do you wipe out Israel......hummmm nukes maybe!!!

  • barry

    Gday Uzzah, As I pointed out Bin Laden says hostilities will only cease at the day of judgement so under the geneva convention the prisoners in Cuba should be kept off the battlefield until the day of judgement.

  • mavie

    Sad thing is, Bush doesn't care much for science or academia either.

    They just worship different Gods.

    Actually, they worship the same God.

  • hillary_step


    Are you really that naive? How do you wipe out Israel......hummmm nukes maybe!!!

    World rulers have used such terms for centuries before the development of nuclear weapons, they have also used the term after nuclear development without such weapons in mind. How do you know that this statement had nuclear weaponry in mind?

    For example, the Hutus decided that they would "wipe out" the Tutsi from Ruanda. They did this with machete and/or bullets by their victims for a quick death. Pol Pot delared that he would wipe out the imperialism spread by the US by annihilation of millions. No nuclear weaponry here. In Yugoslavia the Serbians vowed that they would wipe out all the Muslims in their nation. They had no nuclear bomb.

    So, what we need to see is evidence that the Government in Iran has vowed to wipe out the State of Israel with nuclear weapons. It is important that this be clarified.

    Thanks - HS

  • barry

    HS I guess we wont know what the Iranians will used until it happens but anyone backed into a corner are likely to use nukes if they have them. If th ehutus had them Im sure they would use them.

  • steve2

    Are you really that naive? How do you wipe out Israel......hummmm nukes maybe!!!

    The Irania leader was later questioned about this CNN news release. Nowhere in that edited article did he mention nuclear weapons! Okay, you can deduce that it would need to be a nuclear attack - but he doesn't say that. How convenient that later people such as yourself recite this news release adding the part about nuclear weaponry. The Iranian leader also clarified that his words were a response to Israeli government rhetoric about attacking enemies in Iiran.

    He rightly asked about media interest in Iran's intentions and media down-playing about Israel's intentions. If you want a more robust source of news, add Al Jazeera to your list. If you're only interested in viewing the world through the eyes of American self-interest, best keep away from news sources that get you to think outside the sanitised, self-serving constraints of CNN.

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