JW's to be glorified at Holocaust event

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  • Apostate Kate2
    Apostate Kate2

    Read from the bottom up. I sent them an email. http://www.blueridgenow.com/article/20070923/NEWS/709230304/1018/SERVICES03/NEWS/Center_for_Diversity_Education_brings_Anne_Frank_A_History_for_Today_to_Asheville Thanks for writing Kathleen. It is helpful to recieve a variety of viewpoints on this. I have not heard of this particular point of view. We have worked for a number of years with Diana Zientek - who does a great job of educating from a broad perspective about what happened during the Holocaust. She will be speaking at the event on the Jehovah's Witness and educating about the various targets of the nazi's . I've attached an article from the US Memorial Holocaust Museum on the Witness community. I consider them an authority - though not exhaustive - on this subject. This offers another point of view which you might find interesting. Again, thanks for writing and I hope to see you at one of the programs. Deborah Miles

    Sent: Monday, September 24, 2007 1:21 PM
    To: [email protected]-wnc.org
    Subject: Jehovah's Witnesses On your press release you should know that the Jehovah's Witness will not tell the entire truth. The truth is that not only did Jehovah's Witnesses not pledge allegiance to the Nazi regime, not one of them fought to free the Jews or their own people for that matter. Please take the time to explore all the links on this reputable web site; The Watchtower and Hitler The Watchtower's Nazis Conflicts
    A History of Watchtower Cowardliness and Witness perseverance

    A historical analysis of the Jehovah's Witnesses' during World War II concluded that they experienced extreme conflicts with Nazi Germany and probably withstood the attacks against them better than most groups. Their experience has been analyzed by a number of researchers including camp inmates and administrators who have concluded that their strong religious faith, community and social pressure to conform were all critical in helping Witnesses to withstand the Nazi assault against them. A major reason Witnesses endured was because to capitulate to the Nazis meant disfellowshipping and cutting off from what was often their only social support, their fellow Witnesses. Often the Witnesses as people showed exemplary behavior, but the Watchtower administration not uncommonly displayed immoral or deceitful behavior and even denigrated the Jews in an effort to save the German Watchtower branch. Although partly to blame for the tragedy, the Watchtower unscrupulously exploits it today to try to prove their claim of being God's only representatives on earth today.

    Jerry Bergman, Ph.D Your press release; "A screening and discussion of Standing Firm will be held at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 9, at the exhibit in Biltmore Square Mall. The film examines the Jehovah's Witness community in Europe during World War II and their refusal to pledge allegiance to the Nazi regime. Consequently, these Christians were among the first victims of the Holocaust. Following the film, local educator and Jehovah's Witness Diana Zientek will discuss "Jehovah's Witness Stand Firm Against Nazi Assault." The memory of Anne Frank deserves better that to have a Jehovah's Witness speak at this event. Sincerely, Kathleen xxxxx
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    Thank you for sharing this. By the way, just on the chance that an XJW like myself would show up for something like this, what kind of hard questions could I ask?

    Give me some ideas people, Asheville is only 90 miles from me.

  • greendawn

    True, Rutherford was trying to appease Hitler and was putting down the Jews as an enemy, during the early years of his dictatorship. But of course it was all for no avail, Hitler persecuted the JWs quite harshly.

  • Apostate Kate2
    Apostate Kate2

    Take a copy of the Hitler letters and ask them why they promote JWs as part of the Holocaust memorial. I had no idea the Holocaust memorial included JWs as if they were persecuted for refusing to join the German Reich because of what they were doing to the Jews. I don't have a copy of the original letters but am putting them on my list.





    TELEPHONE, MAGDEBURG 405 56,405 57, 405 58

    Most Honored Mr. Chancellor:

    On June 25, 1933, a 5,000-delegate convention of German Bible Students
    (Jehovah's Witnesses), representing several million Germans who have been
    friends and followers of this movement for many years, was held in the
    Sporthalle Wilmersdorf in Berlin. The purpose of this meeting was to find
    ways and means of making known to you, Mr. Chancellor, and to other high
    government officials of the German Reich, as well as L=E4nder [state]
    governments, the following:
    In some parts of the country measures are being taken against an
    association of earnest Christian men and women which has positive
    Christianity as its foundation. Because of their origin, these measures can
    be regarded as nothing less than the persecution of one group of Christians
    by another, since the accusations which trigger them [the measures] are
    levelled from clerical, especially Catholic, quarters and are untrue.
    Absolutely convinced of the full objectivity of the government departments
    and officials dealing with these matters, we nevertheless recognize that
    because of the volume of our literature on one hand and because of the
    heavy workload of the relevant case workers on the other, the content of
    our literature and the purpose of our movement are judged in large part
    incorrectly, specifically in accord with the views-which cause
    prejudice-that our religious opponents bring against us.
    =0CFor this reason the matters discussed at the convention have been set dow=
    in the attached declaration of the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society in
    order to convey to you, Mr. Chancellor, and to the senior departments of
    the governments of the German Reich and the L=E4nder as documentation of the
    fact that German Bible Students intend only, as the sole objective of their
    work, to lead mankind back to God and to witness to and give honor to the name
    of Jehovah, the Almighty, the Father of our Lord and Redeemer, Jesus Christ,
    here on the earth. We are secure in the knowledge that you, Mr. Chancellor,
    will not let such activity be disturbed.
    German Bible Student congregations are generally known as havens of true
    reverence for the Almighty and as ardent custodians of careful biblical
    research. Local police authorities must always affirm that Bible Students
    definitely have to be counted as among those elements of the country and
    people that love and support order. Their only mission is the recruitment
    of human hearts that love God.
    The Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society is the Bible Students'
    organizational mission center (for Germany: with head offices in
    The Brooklyn administration of the Watch Tower Society is and in the past
    has been outstandingly friendly to Germany. For this reason, the president
    of the Society and seven members of its Board of Directors in the United
    States were sentenced to 80 years imprisonment because the president
    refused to use two magazines published by him in the United States for war
    propaganda against Germany. These two magazines, "The Watch Tower" and
    "Bible Student" [The Bible Students Monthly] were the only magazines in the
    United States which refused ]to publish] war propaganda against Germany and
    were, for this reason, outlawed and suppressed in the United States during
    the war.
    In a similar manner, the administration of our Society not only refused to
    participate in the horror propaganda against Germany, but it took a
    position against it. This is emphasized by the attached Declaration which
    refers to the fact that the circles which led [in promoting] horror
    propaganda in the United States (commercialistic Jews and Catholics) are
    also the most eager persecutors of our Society's work and its
    administration. These and other statements in our Declaration are meant to
    serve as a rejection of the slanderous claim that the Bible Students are
    supported by Jews.The representative convention of these five thousand delegates took notice
    with great satisfaction of the statement by the governing president of
    Magdeburg that the connection between Bible Students and Communists or
    Marxists, claimed by our clerical opponents, cannot be
    substantiated (and thus is slanderous as well). A relevant press report in
    the Magdeburg Daily News No. 104 of May 5, 1933 says:

    A government declaration regarding the occupation of Bible Student
    House.-The government press center announces: "Police occupation of
    property owned by the Earnest Bible Students Association has been ended
    since no incriminating material regarding a claimed Communist activity was

    =46urther: the Magdeburg Daily News No. 102 of May 3, 1933 [states]:

    =46rom the office of the Bible Students' Association we have receive word
    that the actions initiated by the police against the Watch Tower Society
    and the Bible Students' Association have been completely ended. All
    material was released because a careful search revealed that those
    societies are not guilty either in a political or criminal way and because
    it was further determined that both societies are absolutely apolitical and
    strictly religious [in nature].-Upon our questioning, the government
    confirmed the correctness of our report.

    The representative convention of these five thousand delegate stressed
    that, following these circumstances, it would find it beneath its dignity
    to defend itself in future against the contemptible accusation of Marxist
    or Communist activity. The delegates refuted the accusations of our
    religious opponents, which are clearly a sign of religious competition.
    They [the religious opponents] would prefer to throttle truthful herald of
    warning with slander rather than [use] the Word c God.
    =46urther, it was stated at the five-thousand-delegate convention-a expresse=
    in the Declaration-that Bible Students are fighting for the same high,
    ethical goals and ideals that the National Government a the German Reich
    proclaimed regarding the relationship of man t God, namely: honesty of the
    created towards the Creator!
    At the convention, it was stated that there are no opposing views in the
    relationship between German Bible Students and the National Government of
    the German Reich, but that, to the contrary, respecting the purely
    religious and apolitical goals and objectives of the Bible Students, it can
    be said that these are in complete harmony with the similar goals of the
    National Government of the German Reich.
    Because of the supposedly harsh language of our literature, some of our
    books were banned. The five-thousand-delegate convention pointed out in
    this connection that the contents of our books that were objected t
    referred only to circumstances in the Anglo-American World Empire
    =0C and that it-especially England-is to be held responsible for the League
    of Nations and the unjustified treaties and burdens placed on Germany. The
    things said in the above-mentioned spirit are therefore directed-whether in
    a financial, political, or Roman Catholic (ultramontane) sense-against the
    oppressors of the German people and country, not against the Germany
    struggling against these burdens. Thus the bans [on Bible Student
    literature] are made absolutely incomprehensible.
    To those various German L=E4nder in which there occurred bans on Bible
    Student religious services, prohibitions of prayer meetings, etc., those
    [Bible Students], who have waited for weeks for a just resolution of the
    situation which is stifling to their religious life, expressed the
    We will continue to conform to the regulations of prohibition issued
    [against us] because we are confident that you, Mr. Chancellor, or the
    governments of the L=E4nder, will lift these measures-by which tens of
    thousands of Christian men and women would fall victim to a martyrdom
    reminiscent of that of the original Christians-once the true state of
    affairs is known.
    =46inally, this five-thousand-delegate convention stated that the Bible
    Student-Watch Tower organization stands for the maintenance of order and the
    security of the state as well as for the enhancement of the above mentioned,
    religiously related high ideals of the National Government. In order to make
    this known above all to you, Mr. Chancellor, as the Leader of the German
    people, and to other high government officials of the Reich and the L=E4nder,
    the sentiments expressed briefly above were set down in detail in the
    attached Declaration.
    The attached Declaration was read [publicly] by the secretary of the
    five-thousand-delegate, Bible Student Convention, was approved unanimously
    [by Convention delegates], and was adopted with the instruction that a
    single copy of it and of the Convention Report be conveyed to the
    Chancellor of the Reich and to other high officials of the Reich and the
    This is done with the most respectful plea that the request expressed in
    the Declaration be granted in a most positive manner: namely, to give a
    commission [drawn] from within our midst the opportunity of making a
    responsible exposition regarding the facts to you, Mr. Chancellor, or the
    Minister of the Interior, personally. Failing that, [we request] that a
    commission of men be appointed by you, Mr. Chancellor, who arc not
    religiously prejudiced against us-that is of men who are themselves not by
    profession interested in religious matters but who would alone truly
    examine our concerns without prejudice and according to the just principles
    enunciated by the Chancellor of the Reich him-
    self. By these principles we mean the statements in Section 24 of Platform
    of the National Socialist German Workers Party:

    "We demand the freedom of all religious confessions in the state so long
    they do not endanger its existence or conflict with the ethical and moral
    beliefs of the German race.
    The Party, as such, represents the viewpoint of positive Christianity
    without associating itself with a specific confession. It opposes the
    Jewish-materialist spirit domestically and abroad and is convinced that a
    lasting recuperation our people can only happen from the inside out....''
    We are firmly convinced that the National Government of German will find no
    reason to hinder our services or missionary activities if are judged,
    first, without religious prejudice and, second, according the Platform
    points quoted above.
    With anticipation of an early, positive assent [to our requests] a with the
    assurance of our highest esteem, most honored Mr. Chancellor, we remain,

    Most respectfully,

    Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society Magdeburg

    Anyone wishing to obtain photocopies of the original documents, may do so
    by writing to

    The Christian Quest.
    652 W. Diversey Ave.,
    Apt. 2W Addison, IL,
    USA 60101.

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  • greendawn

    "the slanderous claim that the Bible Students are supported by Jews."

    There is little doubt that the WTS enjoyed the support of the Judeo Masons in America from the day it started out. The claim is not slanderous.

  • Apostate Kate2
    Apostate Kate2

    There is a petition. I signed it. It will ask you for a donation afterward but you do not have to give, your petition will still be counted.

    Dear xxxx

    Thank you for signing the "Stop Hiding the Watctower Society's Anti-Semitism" petition at iPetitions.com website.
    Your signature is valuable and makes a real difference. Please encourage others to sign the petition as well. To do that, just forward the text below to everyone who might be interested:

    ------- FORWARD THIS TO YOUR FRIENDS -------

    I wanted to draw your attention to this important petition that I recently signed:

    "Stop Hiding the Watctower Society's Anti-Semitism"

    I really think this is an important cause, and I'd like to encourage you to add your signature, too. It's free and takes less than a minute of your time.


    Once again, thanks for signing the petition!
    -iPetitions Campaigns Team

  • nvrgnbk

    I signed the petition rebel8 had a while back about this topic.

    Is this the same petition?

  • Apostate Kate2
    Apostate Kate2

    It may be. I just found the originator of the petition. It is Barbara Anderson so I'm sure she posted it on the forum. The forum is so active these days I miss alot.

    Way to go Barbara {{{hugs}}}


  • moshe

    The JW lady who is doing this , and her JW husband , Richard live in Weaverville, NC. I called their home and got an answering machine- I think they screen their calls. I would love them to get a copy of this letter- thanks to Zabasearch.com for their address and telephone number. I wonder how she would like answering the question, " Why don't JW's stand firm against WT Governing Body tyranny?"

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