Feeling great doing well and a new Ford F 150

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  • hambeak

    I haven't posted for a while because of health problems. Medication caused most of it and on labor day I went back to ICU for acute hepatitis. This was all due to med errors on the part of my doc. ie. Zetia, Hydrochlorthiazide, and Lisinopril taken together cause liver failure. I was on all three. Jake found it on the internet by googling the meds as I was in the hospital and he told the doc and he wasn't aware of the consequences himself. I am on a whole new batch and feel great no dizziness or nausea so to treat my self I said screw all of this crap and traded my 01 explorer and bought a new F 150 pickuip. Jake is in shock HA HA.

    I am happy though.

    So what has been going on? Fill me in ya'll

  • JK666

    New wheels makes everything better.


  • rebel8

    Sheesh, hambeak!! What the heck! Glad you're better now.

    I will try to update you.

    Jehovah is really a dragon.
    The Great Tribulation has begun and jws are stocking up on food.
    We have all convinced an apologist that the sweeping negative labels the wts puts on us are totally true.
    jws are back on campus recruiting innocent young adults.
    Some people have left, others have kind of left.
    Dedpoet said Linda is not doing well now, and Es's nana isn't either.
    There has been a lot of fighting about race issues, mostly sparked by OJ and those kids that got in a fight somewhere.
    I passed the 5000 posts marked and am wondering if this is symptomatic of some sort of deep emotional problem on my part. ;)

    Most importantly, Big Foot has been found (not kidding).

  • PEC

    Congrats on the new truck. Glad you are better, you have to watch those doctors like a hawk or they will kill you.


  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Welcome back, Hambeak!

    Glad you're doin' better. Gotta love those 150s - Massive Hunks of Metal! Lots of them here in my neck of the woods.

    Stay well. OK!?!?


  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Hi HB - have missed ya' round these parts.

    Nothing like straightening up the meds and buying a new truck to get one feelin' better, eh?

    Welcome back.


  • AK - Jeff
  • skeeter1


    Great to hear from you!

    At least you haven lost your common sense! Good decision on the truck!!! But, it could have been even better with a fishing boat attached.


  • megsmomma

    Glad to hear from you!! I hope you continue to feel better!

    My hubby's truck looks just like the black one Jeff posted.....Now that we are saving gas money...I get to drive it and he takes my Nissan to work! I LOVE IT!!!! Enjoy the truck...if you get time, take it to Turner Falls in Oklahoma. It is a nice area, and not too far from you!

  • nvrgnbk

    Glad you're feeling better, hambeak.

    Sounds like a close call.

    Glad you got it sorted out in time.

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