A "Man" in Spite of the Organization: ISOCF

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  • Vidiot
    AK-Jeff - "One can only hope, that sans a major exit from the organization, that someday men like Ray will dominate the GB arena and impart something that body has never seen - compassion, and something akin to Christian concern for all people."

    At this late stage in the game, that's never gonna happen.

    The GB are full-on authoritarian leader-types, they'd sooner adopt a scorched-earth policy and end the WTS themselves, rather than let anyone reform it; the late-70s panic response started them down that path, and Jaracz's iron-fisted rule set it in stone. As far as they're concerned, the way they run it is the right way to run it.

    Policy is doctrine; doctrine is policy. Why else do you think they're fighting the Conti case verdict hammer and tongs?

    Not to mention the fact that for any apocalyptic millennialist religion to display authentic compassion (i.e. non-conditional), it would arguably have to stop actively anticipating the impending near-extinction of the human species.

    However, the rank-and-file aspect of the WTS amost completely defines itself by that tendency; it permeates virtually every aspect of its entire collective identity.

  • Phizzy

    "By their fruits you shall know them", just as the keeper of trees knows what type of tree it is by its fruit, so with an Organization. We tend to think of the "fruit" of an organization as its results, its achievments, but really it is the character of the organization that is the fruit, and tells you what kind of organization it is.

    If its Rank & File members are willing to shun members of their own family for simply thinking differently, or worse, if they are prepared to let them die for want of a life-saving blood transfusion, you can tell what kind of Organization it is.

    From the leadership down the WT is the same as the German nation under Hitler, cold hard leaders who engender the same harsh attitudes in those below them, willing to denounce their own family members and send them to their death.

    Totalitarian regimes do not reform and become normal, they have to be crushed.

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