Tired from it all

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  • jaguarbass

    Do any of you here, ever feel that spending too much time on all of this is making you feel tired, drained and depressed? Even tho I don't post much I lurk a lot as I am naturally a quiet sort of person. But lately I am feeling like my energy levels are low because I am focusing too much on this. The damn WTS gets to you regardless. any thoughts This computer thing is a lot like the tv I used to watch. Change the dial. When we used to go to meetings and we found it wasnt benefical we changed our behavior. I've been out of the tower for 24 years. I was in for 31. It will probably take the rest of my life to recover. Or maybe I recoverd a long time ago and comming here is what I enjoy doing. I can see one thing here people come and go. Its not for everybody. For me I would rather spend a half hour surfing the web comming here, scanning some post and interacting then watching a brain dead tv show. Thats just me.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    I suggest you take a break -- only read the AWAKE! for a few weeks. Then you'll be good as new!

  • sweetface2233

    Quite the contrary, actually. Since becoming an active poster I have had at least 2 emotional breakthroughs. I am happier, less stressed, and have made several good friends. When I am away for a few days, I wonder how eclipse, sweetstuff, BFD, bigd, Alphie, and many others are doing.

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