What the C.O. said right there on the Platform

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  • Uncertain

    He started his talk before Rev.bookstudy with all the gloom and doom news and then dropped the (to me) bombshell that he reads the news on line. Yup, I could hear an intake of breath through the hall. I can't for the life of me remember what the rest of his talk was, although he used a box of Crayolas as a prop. But he reads the daily news on the Internet.

    You will remember that I'm a non-babptized perpetual study, and that my screen name is descriptive. I'm throughly impressed by this website, and more than a little amazed by the level of your collective knowledge and awareness. So, when I listen at the hall and hear such things, I feel like I have to come here and share. Okay, maybe I really mean run and tattle.

    His Sunday talks were intresting as well. The talk based on Psalm 26 was solid and conservative. BTW, take a look at that psalm in the NASB or NIV or NKJV to see how unnecessarily convoluted the NWT is.

    And then came the final talk, based on ............ The Wizard of Oz. Amazing. And this here junior apostate was also amazed at how many in the congregation were so well-versed in a movie taken from a novel based on a political situation and expressed in the supernatural. I don't believe we are in Kansas, anymore.

  • Gopher
    He started his talk before Rev.bookstudy with all the gloom and doom news and then dropped the (to me) bombshell that he reads the news on line.

    Cool, he sounds somewhat liberal !! Who knows what else he's looking at on the Internet?? He won't tell.

    Interesting that the final talk was based on a movie that conservative JW's would scorn. What the movie could really mean is that Dorothy and her friends go to a place similar to the fake spiritual paradise among JW' s then they realize the Governing Body (the man behind the curtain) really isn't that special. Then they wake up, and find they have friends outside the so-called spiritual paradise.

  • freyd

    The week after I was baptized was the week of the CO's visit. I had been working nights and so that Sunday morning was kind of half awake, when from the platform I hear, "AND YOU'RE A BASTARD AND I CAN PROVE IT!"

    I was looking for people to be fainting in the isles. But nothing. I queried several people over the next several months about whether they thought they'd heard anything strange. Nothing.

    Three years later, just before his last visit I confronted him with his infamous quote. He gasped, "I SAID THAT IN A KINGDOM HALL!" A few nights later he hauled me into the library and showed me something from a bound volume having something to do with Quebec and the Catholic Church.

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  • freyd

    Then there was a joke I can't repeat that the DO told out in field service with myself, the CO and another publisher.

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  • yknot

    The wizard of OZ......that was one of the Banned movies

    The Borg continues to lose it's grasp...............

  • tula

    Do you think the CO may have visited here?

    Perhaps this image of witch and dorothy on his mind? scroll about halfway down on this link.


    Interesting that he would use OZ.

  • Hobo

    I was in from birth in 1958 to 1975- I don't remember 'Wizard of Oz' being banned-

    My parents bought me the sound track record.

  • truthsearcher
    You will remember that I'm a non-babptized perpetual study,

    Hey that sounds a bit like me too (not sure about the perpetual part)

    and that my screen name is descriptive.

    I suggest that you change it to CERTAIN!

    I am going to read your other posts and see if you tell your story. If not I would really like to hear more. Welcome to JWD.

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