Bethel- Which Governing Body member had a Nervous Breakdown and why?

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  • fjtoth
    "In 1974 I was invited to become a member of the Governing Body...I NEEDED ENCOURAGEMENT TO ACCEPT IT."

    That statement is such a farce! My room was at the opposite end of the 10th floor in the 107 building where Klein and his wife were living. Our rooms were half a city block from each other. One day I heard this loud shout, something like "Yippee! Wha-hoo!" A few minutes later I stepped out of my room and asked a neighbor what all the commotion was about. She told me that Klein had just gotten a letter inviting him to be on the Governing Body.

    Occasionally I was the driver who took Knorr, Klein and others to the airport. As such I heard both speak of their contempt toward each other. In my presence Knorr called Klein a "nut" and said "the only reason we keep him is because he's a good writer." On another occasion Klein went on and on about how Knorr was the most obstinate man on the GB.

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Fjtooth! Didn't realize you were so high up in Bethel you should post some goss about these havent done so in any post.....It's so obvious these 2 hated each others guts even from just the Wachtower article...and yes maybe this is his fake "Humility" as you suggest.

  • Farkel

    Bethelites used to say that Klein was "braindead from birth." Karl also wrote many of the Kingdom Songs including that hauntingly and richly melodic tune we all love so well: "From House to House."


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