#4 Talk on Tues Sept 25 - Blood

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  • Younglove1999

    if the FDS told us not to eat pizza, I'd tell them to shove it. No disrespect intended of course.

  • Mary
    moshe said: It all boils down to this : blood is food only , if it is eaten. All the blood transfusions in the world will not keep a starving man alive, but a transfusion of glucose and special proteins will be utilized as food in the body. Blood, you see is only a means to transport nutrients in the body, not a food that is consumed by our metabolic process.

    Moshe, that is probably the BEST explanation I've ever heard regarding the difference between blood as "food" and a "blood transfusion". The Governing Body says they're one and the same. If that were the case, if a person was in an auto accident and the doctors started feeding him/her blood through their mouths, what good would it do? Absolutely none. Your example above that "All the blood transfusions in the world will not keep a starving man alive", is excellent. I'm going to use that argument if it comes up with my sister again.

  • Frequent_Fader_Miles

    I'm very curious to know how this talk went down ... any available details?

  • momzcrazy

    Yes please emphasize the changes that have been made in policy. I nearly died and left two kids because of not understanding. Fortunately an elders wife explained about the EPO shot. I was told I would not survive surgery and was in a medicine induced "coma" after surgery, for 8 days in CCU. On day 6 they started the round of shots and within a week was good as new. Except for the fact that I had also lost a child. But all the brothers focused on was my firm stand. Finding out the truth about the fractions being "allowed" started my path away from WTS.

    Witnesses do not have to die and maybe your talk can help save some.

    My sister used the illustration: you can have the flour, butter, sugar, etc. but NOT the cake. Very simply put.

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