#4 Talk on Tues Sept 25 - Blood

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  • still_in74

    Hey all, I have to give a #4 talk on Tuesday. Topic:

    "Why True Christians Do Not Accept Blood Transfusions"

    So anyway, I dont really want to give this talk and I especially dont want to write it! Any suggestions? I am wondering how far to push the envelope on the history of blood in the org or the recent fractioning changes.

    In fact, if someone wants to write this for me and post it here I will print it off and give it on Tuesday... now I am sure there are those of you that cannot resist such an offer!!!

    BTW, I am totally serious about this!!!

  • megsmomma

    Will you record it and post it for us??? That would be sooooo cool!!!

  • OnTheWayOut

    I couldn't do it. I considered giving you a watered down talk that would raise
    eyebrows, but not get you thrown off the stage. The only thing I could say
    with a straight face was:

    True Christians Do Not Accept Blood Transfusions
    Because the Watchtower Organization says so.

    We now accept blood fractions without getting
    disfellowshipped so learn this stuff in case you
    are ever in the hospital and don't want to die.

  • FlipThis


    This would be great.

    C'mon, someone write some crap and mix in some truth; it'll be great.

    I always wanted to do this but forgot.

  • Justitia Themis
    Justitia Themis

    I too would draw the line on this one. I can massage my talks enough to make them something I can in good conscience support, but not the blood doctrine. I would just call in sick short notice.


  • Perry

    Sounds like you're having a crisis of conscience. Have you read that book yet?

  • yknot

    Be Bold and .......

    Ask for a different assignment.

    If hassled tell him that you had conversation with a RH negative mother of two and she challenged you on the subject. After carefully considering her stance, you did not feel that you were spiritually ready to give this talk. Tell him that it appears what she said is medically true. Feeling a little stumbled at the moment you did not want to potentially stumble others while giving this talk. Ask for the other assignment.If pressed tell him that it appears that breastmilk contains White Blood Cells and that women can be transfused with fetal blood during delivery which for some can lead to RH disease.


  • still_in74
    Sounds like you're having a crisis of conscience. Have you read that book yet?

    Yes, up to page 321. That is when my wife found it and threw it out!

  • 95stormfront

    If it'd been me, all her WT literature would have been thrown out soon after.

  • changeling

    JW's do not accept blood transfusions. The Bible tell us to "abstain" from blood. The FDS has interpreted "abstain" to mean refrain from ingesting blood by any means. We can, however, accept itsy bitsy bits of blood called "fractions" and still somehow be abstaining in the stikctest sense. This can not be proven logically, but that does not matter, as JW's are not encouraged to use their brain for thinking.

    Say that from the platform and tell us how it goes.


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