Is The Watchtower Society Too Controlling of Jehovah's Witnesses?

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  • Hermano

    Excellent article. I like how you left it up to the reader to decide, instead of being dogmatic.

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    Is that rhetorical?

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  • worldtraveller

    I told my JW friend about Rand Cam and even showed the certification of ownership, AND HE SAID IT IS NOT THEM AND IS SOMEONE ELSE THAT OWNES THE SHARES(a different bunch). I believe he is lying and doesn't have the strength to admit it. I said the name is copyright and cannot possibly be duplicated."well it is" he said.

  • worldtraveller

    He also said they just wanted access to the worlds biggest library. Who is full of shit anyway!!!???

  • WTWizard

    Of course they are! They are trying to control reality. They want to create the illusion that there is a perfect organization, albeit with a few problems that happen on an isolated basis and are quickly dispatched, as opposed to a scam organization that teaches and coerces people to lie. I think they are more dangerous than outward Devil worshipers: at least with open devil worshipers you know what you're getting into before joining.

    This organization uses God's name to get people to come in. Then they use coercion to keep people in. You are only allowed to listen to comments that are from within the Tower. They have taken personal discretion away from the meetings, and comments now have to come from within the paragraphs. No independent Bible study or verification of the accuracy of the NWT or Tower doctrines is allowed now. And, if you break one of the endless rules or decide not to go out in service for a month, the hounding begins. If you happen to be single, watch out! There seem to be endless supplies of those families that will take you in and tightly control you to the Tower's standards "to save your life". Otherwise they simply disfellowship you.

  • IsaacJS2

    Thanks to everyone who commented on the article. You may notice that I haven't really gone into topics that stretch the boundaries of evidence too far or that smack too much of WT hatin'. I try to stick more to stuff that I think will be of use to exxers like us and try not to come off as overly prejudiced. I just think it gives the articles a greater ring of truth than a list of "Reasons Why The WTS Sucks" or whatever.

    I hope to post some more XJW stuff soon at my site as well.


  • SirNose586

    Good, brief article. One thing though: in comparing the Witnesses with other religions which are "more successful than the WT in every measure," it would be helpful to include a few examples. For example, I was impressed with the SDA's thorough, honest, public recordkeeping, and how in nearly the same amount of time, they've got more than twice the amount of members. SDAs aren't perfect either, but they outclass the dubs in "bragging rights" my opinion. I had a few SDA classmates back in Highschool. I was suprised to hear that they had similar views about 1914...

    Besides, since when do SDAs make the news? Every time you turn around, another dub's molested a kid, or beat a kid within an inch of his life, or defrauded somebody out of their money.

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