Sorry WTS - Higher Ed More Important Than Ever!

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    REBORNAGAIN mean to tell us that the WTBTS is STILL bad mouthing a college education? After all these years of doing so? They know themselves people cannot survive without a degree now-a-days. I have a couple of interesting remarks to make in that regard:

    1.) In Europe, all young people, INCLUDING JW'S... get further schooling, i.e. learn a trade with a degree/certificate. The Witnesses over there, wouldn't even THINK about a lack of schooling to get somewhere in life. Why the contradiction between here & there is beyond me.

    2.) Has it ever occured to you all, that the HIGHLY SKILLED brothers at Bethel did NOT learn what they know at Bethel. Most were brought into the JW lifestyle through the door to door ministry. They had their college degrees etc. etc. before hand.


    P.S. If I had a BA, I wouldn't have had 100+ résumés out there and unemployed for 10 whole months. Hence the reason I headed off to college. My degree is still pending.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Thank you, Seeker4:

    When I learned that some friends and family were pursuing higher education and well-paying jobs [while remaining fully active and committed JWs] I was moved to continue apace with my pro-education preaching. I am a non-certified teacher who quit college to pioneer and go to Bethel. Peculiar is the fact that the anointed couple who took me under their wing while I was studying with the JWs encouraged me to continue my education. Their son was a university professor.
    I am a rabid autodidact who preaches higher education to my JW students and their parents; so far, I haven't been shown the door!

    I like your style, S4! Keep it up ...

    CoCo, Educator

  • flipper

    Seeker 4- Indeed it is important ! I am so glad my 22 year old son saw that at 18 and got out of the cult! Now in his 2nd year at a university, he is working on his bachelor's degree! And get this, he is a cool kid still. More loving than a lot of witness kids I've known

  • greendawn

    They still demonise university education as much as in the past just thi ssummer they launched a major propagand aattack against it at their assemblies.

    It's astonishing that they continue to do so post 1995 after they admitted their interpretation of the 1914 generation was completely wrong. One can clearly see here the manipulation.

  • shopaholic

    The WTS knows higher education is important. Don't be fooled!!! I went to pioneer school almost 11 years ago and was a faithful witness until my fade a year ago. Anyway, when it was found out at pioneer school that I had a BA in a particular discipline, I received a few invitations to Bethel. I turned them down. My P.O. at the time and family totally agreed (especially since they, family & cong, enjoyed some of my perks). It just didn't interest me as I valued my freedom and knew that the 7am cattle call wouldn't work for me.

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