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  • kitten whiskers
    kitten whiskers

    Thank you for sharing! I watched the first the three, I will have to finish up later....but I am struck at the similarities and how true your words rang as I listened. It was like we were awakened in the same way (reading the surrounding scripture and seeing how it just didn't apply as the "bro" read and applied it from the platform). It was nice to "meet" you up close and personal!
    Kitten Whiskers

  • Gordy

    Thanks for all you comments.

    Except for Dansk and his remarks about my scouse accent.............

    Mancunian refined ????

    Good to hear from you Ian hope things going OK for you.

    Here are links to my son Jonathans videos.





  • BluesBrother

    Nice one Gordy. does it feel to be an Internet star ?


    Great interview!!! Love the accent!


  • Sunspot

    Hi Gordy! I watched every moment of the videos and enjoyed what you had to say. I related to all that you said! I just about mirrored your escape from the WTS. In part #4 I could especially identify with what you said when you spoke about the months and years of being ignored by the JWs, and they lived only a few minutes away on the same street.

    Our bookstudy conductor, his pioneer wife and two sons lived three houses away and three other JW families lived right next to one another after their house. They ALL went right past here for meetings and field service at the Kingdom Hall.

    I had the same experience when I went months and months with the only calls (or visits) I got were to find out how many HOURS I had to report. It finally woke me up to the total LACK of love or caring from that hideous organization KNOWN for it's love.

    I am glad to see that you did not lose your faith in God OR religion as a lot of former JWs sadly seem to do. Thanks for putting your thoughts out there for everyone to see!



  • MsMcDucket

    You almost look like Jimmy Smits!


    I'll have to check your videos out when I get home from work, as my PC here at work doesn't have the speakers hooked up. GRRR! Looking forward to hearing them.


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