Has anyone ever run into someone REALLY CREEPY while out in service?

by Dorktacular 27 Replies latest jw experiences

  • greendawn

    There was a nutcase once who asked "can you see the mercury in my eyes?" we said no and he began chasing us with a long piece of wood.

  • VanillaMocha73

    Let's see...
    There was the guy who chased us off his property with a shotgun poked through the car window. My mom mouthed off at him - "Sir, I could leave a lot faster if that thing was not in my window."
    Then an elder sent another teenage girl and myself (we were probably 14) to do an "apartment building" by ourselves. People kept coming to the doors naked or in bikini underwear - it was a whore house.
    My first week back in Seattle, I took over a study for someone, and during the study the lady pushed me down on the floor as bullets came through her window.
    Meeting a guy with giantism at a door - this other sister and I were standing on the stairs, knocked and this guy came to the door and just filled it.... we about fell backwards off the stairs. He was a real nice guy though.
    Yes, the field circus was very entertaining.

  • B_Deserter

    Not necessarily creepy, but we did run into a woman with dementia. We pulled up the driveway and saw her raking leaves with a garden rake. After a pleasant introduction she proceeded to tell us that 8 tornadoes had blown by her house last night, and we sure live in tornado alley (Michigan). She started talking about her "Guineas" and pointed to empty parts of the ground. Then she pointed to a section of clouds and said "well, there's another tornado right there!" As soon as I heard this, I thought to myself "ok, this woman isn't just a little eccentric, she's off her rocker."

  • Cicatrix

    I had a guy come out armed with a shotgun who threatend to shoot me. Hmmm, maybe he wasn't so creepy afterall-maybe he was smart

  • JK666

    I had a guy come to the door in just his "tighty whiteys," so I told him that "under the circumstances, I'll be brief."


  • LoverOfTruth

    I think we, the JWs were the "Creepy" ones.

  • primitivegenius

    was out as a lad and this sister was trying to speak to an old lady...... who came out with a shotgun and threatened to shoot her IN THE NAME OF JESUS..... turns out her daughter was a dub.... dont blame her for the hostility. lol

    went to a door myself and a huge guy drove up an got out and began walking up to me..... this guy was probably 6 6 with a huge hairy beard..... so what was i to do..... gave my presentation , he wisely said not interested so as i turned away to leave i realize he had a revolver in his hand.

    was at a door with a brother who was black and the guy at the door kept refering to the fact that if you couldnt blush then god wouldnt save you..... meaning that if you werent lilly white you were screwed.... he was in the kkk.

    one day i went to knock on a little house behind another house.. and i knew who lived there..... because i worked with her husband. They were seperated and getting a divorce so she moved there behind her mothers house... well she was very cute and came to the door......... and said........... "im sorry im not wearing anything but my panties, i was just getting ready to get into the shower" heres the watchtower enjoy reading it goodbye . woulda been a nice RETURN VISIT

    went to a house in the middle of nowhere and this little girl wanted to come to the door with me....... so i knocked and someone inside the house said COME IN..... so i knocked again and they yelled it even louder followed by...... ILL BE RIGHT THERE.... IM TAKEING A S***. so i waited and was like WTF........ the little girl (8yrs old) said ..... what did he say? so i was like omg maybe i miss heard so about two seconds later he confirmed that was in fact what he had said........ so i waited cause he was on his way and he saw the little girl got all and took the magazines........... i wish i would have said...... well sir (best salesmans voice) incase your running low on paper................. heres the wt and A...... the ink dosent transfer, and dont worry these are BACK ISSUES.

    went to a door and there was a HUGE house with a HUGE big screen tv back in the day... guy was watching something and as soon as i knocked he turned the tv off and when he got up i noticed something. it was like he was pulling his pants up... came to the door and was nice and took the mags....... a little flushed tho.... only after the fact did i realize that he had been masterbating to porno........ later on i actually met him again....... he got hired where i worked........... i didnt let on i knew him lol. brian mccain you dirty perv lol......... again feel free to use this high quality paper.............. in any way you see fit..... EXCEPT READING.

    went to one door and you just gotta love it when they are having a damn party on their front porch and you cant drive past them without stopping cause there is that SISTER or Brother........ you know the one i mean...... who simply HAS to get every door....... but is such a prick that they have to make you get it if its your turn. bout 5 guys sitting on the porch drinking beer and smokeing......... i have to walk up into the middle of them and ask whos housse it is.......... no one wanted to answer..... cant say as i blame them....... then when one guy fessed up............. he said that there was a lady that used to come bring them for him but she quit comeing....... cause he asked her to bring him playboy magazines when she came........... so how do you respond to that??? well i dont suppose she liked that. i was typical brainwashed prick tho so i kept on UNTILL HE SAID he wasn interested lol.

    family member was studying with someone in a high crime drug area of our territory...... guy was crazy and kept getting worse....... during the study he had a pistol laying on the coffee table........ and would look at it and then look at the person conducting the study..... then look at the gun........... then look back...... as if to say... should i end your life.... or wait for the next paragraph to be read.

    same area same person conducting another study in a house where the guy bootlegged booze and drugs. peeps showing up every few minutes and he would tell them there were popcicles in the freezer..... so they would go back and get a brown sack of beer and pay him or come back with a smaller sack and a popcicle............ didnt fool me lol.

    as you can tell..... i wasted ENTIRELY to much of my time in the field circus

  • Scully

    Doing street witnessing when I was about 17, we had some derelict (probably paranoid schizophrenic) looking guy approach us claiming that he had been talking to Jehovah and that he wanted to "get it right with Jehovah". Everybody had to "get it right with Jehovah" according to him. Then he got this terrified look in his eyes and started pointing to a spot overhead in the structure of the store that was behind us. He said he wasn't afraid of Jehovah, but he was really scared of HIM. There was nothing there.

    I got creeped out thinking he was seeing demons. My service partner said she thought it was an angel showing himself to this guy to protect us.

    It was such a strange experience that I can still remember it in quite vivid detail, even down to the article I was featuring in my presentation.

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