Has anyone ever run into someone REALLY CREEPY while out in service?

by Dorktacular 27 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Dorktacular

    I know I've run into quite a few weirdos. I had one guy that told us that Adolph Hitler was going to come back from the dead to kill all JWs. Needless to say, he DIDN'T want a copy of the Watchtower! LOL

  • bigwilly

    The best I got was some poor elderly gentlemen that had no idea his fly was down and the "twig and berries" were in plain view.

  • carla

    You know, some people act weird just to give the jw's a hard time and think its funny. They are not necessarily really that creepy. They are just tired of jw's coming univited and trying to indoctrinate them into their cult and waking them up and disturbing their quiet time with family. Surely you have seen jokes and threads about 'how to keep jw's away from your door' haven't you?

    Men seem to favor answering the door in the nude when females come knocking, some females seem to enjoy pretending to come on to jw's just to see if they would take the bait and see the hypocricy of these religious zealots not realizing that an entire car may be waiting for the jw.

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    I had a guy who thought he was Lazarus from the bible...so the brother with me wanted to prove "scripturally" he was wrong.

  • Dorktacular

    I had a guy who thought he was Lazarus from the bible...so the brother with me wanted to prove " scripturally" he was wrong.

    Hilarious. We had a lady one day that ran out on the front porch yelling "Do you know what God is backwards? DOG!" Then she started barking at us! Wow, that was creepy.

  • carla

    She was having a little fun with you! (her idea anyway)

  • Maddie

    I was doing some door knocking with another JW and we came to a large building, set apart from the other houses on it's own. It wasn't on the list but we deciced to go and knock anyway.

    It took a while for someone to come to the door and we could hear the sound of keys and bolts being pulled back. When the door opened a tall hairy man stood there. I delivered my usual banter, but he just stared and didn't say anything for what seemed ages. His eyes were starey and I wasn't sure if he heard me so I held out a magazine but he still didn't move or say anything. Then he just went in and slammed the door and we could hear the locks turning again. I never have forgotten it!

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    I had a woman get out of the shower naked and open the door to peak out...she was standing in front of the side clear-glass panel. I said ; "Hi where here..to talk...about..kingdom...this...magazine...!!!!! She said not interested and closed the door. Best Witnessing day ever!

    Another nut..this lady had a door with bible scriptures written on it in her kitchen. She would walk around town, rolling a C.D in front of her feet. My Pioneer partner decided he would convert her...I just faized out for afew hours making a shoping list.

  • R.F.

    I'm almost hesitant to write this since a few Dubs locally know about this, but oh well.

    There was this guy who lived in this trailer....very young, about my age perhaps. Well everyone else was terrified to get out, but wanting to be the courageous one, I hopped out the car and walked to the door.

    First of all, there was a vast amount of garbage all over the ground. The place looked like a mini landfill. Also, there was an adult human sized clown dummy hanging on the outside of his trailer. The thing was very scary looking. Too, there were chickens and goats walking all over the place and about 5 pit bulls in a cage on the other side of the trailer.

    The guy was the most creepiest looking out of all of it. He had an evil look about him, tattoos seemed to cover every inch of his skin, piercings all over his face, and he had all black clothing on with black make-up on his face too.

    He actually let me talk to him and he took the magazines. I tried to do return visits on him a couple times after that but never found him at home. I did door-to-door work in the area he lived maybe about 5 months ago. It might've been the last time I went in field service before I severed it completely.

    That has to be the creepiest, but i've had several run-ins with creepy people.

  • Serg

    Well my wife had an experience as a kid where some weird tall man told her, her dad and her friend which were at the door that he was an apostate and ran them off. What freaked her our was that no one was able to see his face at all, not even her dad. Needless to say they deemed the guy a demon or possesed by demons which is one of the main reasons she avoids "apostate" info and constraversial topics that are against WT teaching even if they are logical and factual. She considers them demonistic. She's just scared to death of apostates even though she's in denial that I have turned into one recently.

    I've run into a few weirdos and this one guy that straight up told me he was a spiritist and ran me off, didn't ever go back there again. That happened about 10yrs ago.

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