Has anyone ever run into someone REALLY CREEPY while out in service?

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  • megsmomma

    One thing I did that scared ME was in Mass. There was an area that had large homes turned into apartments. You would go in the front door and go to the different doors and those were indivisual homes. Well, I walked into one and there I was in someones living room with them sitting right there in their living room. The home owner was shocked and so was I! (the sad thing is I was 14 and so was the girl I was with)

    Another experience was with another teen ager with me. A man came to the door naked.(and he was rather good lookin). Well, that was the first naked guy I had ever seen...so I was speechless! I think I giggled out a presentation.

    One more....we had a person at a door with a gun pointed right at us. I was nieve enough to just think Jehover would protect me and it didn't scare me that bad

  • ninja

    Shortly after I got married an old friend of mine visited.....his name was michael maguire...we knew him as spike..(a non witness)....anyways I still remember it till this day....we were watching the oxford -cambridge boat race when he turned to me and said.."an old woman has been speaking to me"....he said she talked to him constantly.....(it was in his head.....he had flipped it!!!!)....he said she had "told him to kill me but not to worry because he was stronger than her"!!!!!!...turns out he was off his rocker....attacked his family and everything I found out after.....he stayed the night with us as he said he had nowhere to go....I was very wary so stayed alert....and the only thing I had to protect us was my wifes curling tongs......true story......there is more to it I will tell you later....he is in a mental hospital now....and he attacked a nurse by throwing boiling water over her........petrified ninja

  • orbison11

    only the guy in diapers in an apartment one time,,


  • Tyrone van leyen
    Tyrone van leyen

    The worst I ever came across was Klu Kux Klan. It proved uneventful however. The scariest was this guy, he opened the door and it was like he could see right through me. I saw the worst kind of mocking evil in his eyes. They were bulging out of head and he had a sick smile. I am not one to beleive in possession but this guy made my hair stand up on end. He didn't even have to say anything. I felt like he knew what I was thinking, so I tried not to show any fear but I was scared. Never saw anything like that before. I was by myself too.

  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee

    Me and a friend called on one door, the guy had emptied all the furniture out of his living room, and there were mathematical equations written all over the walls. He was convinced the chariiots mentioned in Daniel were space ships. He wouldn't let us out the door! It was freaky and scary. Thankfully the other two JW's we were working with knew which house we were in and came to the door.


  • delilah
    the only thing I had to protect us was my wifes curling tongs......true story..

    LMAO...Ninja...just what did you plan to do with this???? Plug it in, get it good and hot, then poke out his eyeball.....sorry....LMAO.....I just have this picture in my head, of a ninja with hot curling irons in his hands instead of nun-chucks.....

    ROFLMAO now......ahem...sorry ninja....

  • WTWizard

    I can remember going on a call one day. There was this guy that had a mayonnaise jar, with about 2" of blood in it, and every so often he would spit blood into it, while we were on that call! And they wanted me to pick up this call? Needless to say, this was shortly before I cut back sharply on my field circus time.

  • PEC

    The REALLY CREEPY ones are the ones going door2door, true story.


  • dobbie

    The worst one i had was when i had only just started going out on the doors. He's a well known churchy bloke round here and he just smiled at me really sweetly and said in a really pleasant voice, 'When you talk to me i can see Satan in your eyes'. it was the way he said it that freaked me out, if he'd shouted if wouldn't have unnerved me so much!

  • edmond dantes
    edmond dantes

    This is not what you would call creepy but it shows how easy it is for people to mistake you for what you're not.It was a Sunday morning the day after people were to hand in the ten yearly census form.On it is written details of household members, occupations ,date and place of births and their relation to the head of the house etc.

    On this particular morning after ringing the door bell we were greeted with smiles and " come in please " and as we were half way up the hall I began thinking this guy is pleased to see us I'm not used to this reaction .As I was about to open my bible he said "please check my form to see if it's filled in correctly, hope I've filled it out O.K. There in front of us was all the private census details.

    I had not got the heart to tell him that we were living in the last days and that the generations of census forms were about to be null and void.That was in 1961 ,there have been four more census returns since then and still no big A.

    We just left quietly and said " the person you want is on his way up the street ,we will call again."

    Another time I was out on the work I was offering a book for a small "donation" and this guy said "no thanks but I will buy your brief case off you." Obviously I was in the wrong line of business.

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