I did it for two hours last night....

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  • Honesty

    You are welcome to visit the church I am attend.

    We get accused of being LIBERAL all the time.

  • oompa

    Great Subject Line-AK Jeff--LOL! I was going to order Viagra.

    I have not taken the step you have, but like your detailed observations. If you do this about 500 more times, I may be able to pick one with minimal effort. I recently went to a funeral at a Baptist church for a JW friends relative, and it was EXACTLY like JW, excet for the mention of the cross twice. No talk of heaven or hell since it was a suicide I guess.

    where shall we go....oompa

  • greendawn

    It sounds a bit creepy like the JWs, the raw directness with which they try to approach and convert people. They seem to be a lot more mainstream and sensible but like you I wouldn't go back to that place.

    It's good that they are producing a lot of children.

  • erandir

    I grew up in a "Pentecostal" church. What you describe seems to fit my old church except they believed that hell was a literal lake of fire designed to torment the wicked for eternity. Oh, and tithing...you had to be a good tither or else you wouldn't receive much help from God. lol...you could always tell when the pastor was strapped for cash because he made tithing the subject of the sermon.

    I got that same ole' feeling - though he didn't say the words, that, 'We have the Truth. No one else has it right that disagrees with us. As long as the mainstream churches accept our view of Jesus at least, and his divinity, they might might make it through too. But mostly, we have the Truth."

    Yep, they tend to use that scripture about narrow is the road that leads to everlasting life, and that Jesus is the only way to salvation. They are totally anti-interfaith.

  • Burger Time
    Burger Time

    I have been contemplating going to a local church service here in town. I have a few "liberal" churches in the area...just can't talk myself in to it yet.

  • JK666

    Stop that! You'll go blind.

    Oh, you were talking about church. Nice subject line.

    Good luck on finding a church to go to. I personally have no desire to attend a church. I feel that I would have to start my own to feel comfortable.

    The Church of 666, that ought to go over well!


  • tula

    If "mystery babylon" is the empire of false religions...the key word here is EMPIRE. There are MANY of them. If the instruction is to "get out of her, o, my people"...I would apply that to anything organized with teachings like that.

    There's really not much difference there than in KH. The arrogance that God has chosen them and they will soon "fly away" when things get really bad...and the rest of us poor suckers who don't believe exactly what they do, will be left here to SUFFER. C'est la vie!

    The same arrogance, the same self-righteousness.

    Can't you see it, yet?

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    ANOTHER promotional message for that ubiquitous little blue pill?


  • Open mind
    Open mind


    That is sooo funny. Yeah, find a Church that makes you feel good and leaves out the doctrine...

    At first glance this may sound either spiritually or intellectually weak or dishonest. As a real JW I would have been first in line to cast the first figurative stone at Jeff. But consider this:

    We are social beings.

    Is it so bad to attend a church for both social and spiritual reasons? If I found a church I liked socially, there's one point of doctrine that would be a "poison pill" for me: "WE ARE RIGHT. EVERYONE ELSE IS WRONG."

    I kinda doubt I'll become a church goer if I ever break free from the JWs, but I'm not ruling out the possibility.

    BTW, Jeff, how's the Kiwanis Club going?

    Open Mind

  • JamesThomas

    Jeff, have you ever attended a Unity Church? They may have the non-dogma/cult atmosphere that you are looking for.


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