What is Armageddon then????

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  • greendawn

    It will come one day but a lot of things will have to happen before we reach that point. The JW perspective is completely wrong because they believe that the times are ready for this mainly due to their religious activities of supposedly preaching the gospel of Christ and gathering the obedient of all nations under divine direction.

    In fact they are nothing but an elaborate hoax that pretends to be something it is not in order to infiltrate Christianity, harm good christians and make money out of religion.

    It may be several centuries before the genuine power finally appears that will really do the things the JWs falsely claim to be doing today.

  • gnulite

    The Scotsman,

    You're probably right about the next big gnulite..... 1914....

    But think about the phrase "make disciples of people of all the nations" Mt 28:19.... means make disciples of people of all nationalities and not of nations or in nations.... every word is inspired right? You can't can't read it "Make disciples....of all the nations". Same with "the war of the great day of God the Almighty"....can't read it "war...of God the Almighty" and drop out "the great day of..."


  • lfcviking
    If the JW view is wrong - what do you think is the correct view???

    Who knows pal?! Theres no way of proving any religious theory, there may not even be a correct view, there may not even be a god, maybe were not even meant to know.

  • jaguarbass

    Hello Scotsman. Good question.

    I dont know.

    I think I am going to live till I die. I dont know how that will be.

    I dont hold the bible in the high esteem I once did thanks to the information age and the innernet.

    As far as I can tell in 55 years no one has the answers to the big questions of life. Where we came from. Where we are going. Is there a God or are we a product of random evolution.

    Everything is a paradox.

    I dont see a loving God. I also dont see evolution.

    Maybe we were put here by spacemen or we are interfacing with another dimension.

    Or maybe this is the pleasure planet and we are spirits having human experiences. Even spirits having material experiences.

    I dont know. I know my father died and my grandfathe died and they didnt know either.

    Good chance I wont find out on this side.

  • deeskis

    Hi The Scotsman.....not to be confused with "Scotsman"!

    What is armagedon?.......


    Armageddon is a taut fast-paced thriller which starts off great but gets tiresome toward the end. The plot is simple: an asteroid is headed on a collision course toward Earth. To stop it, the US government sends a bunch of roughneck oil drillers into space to drill a hole in the asteroid so they can drop and detonate a nuclear weapon inside, before it is too late.

    The problem with disaster movies is that it is very hard to find an antagonist, i.e., someone you hate by the end of the movie. After all, an asteroid or a volcano or a twister doesn't give a rat's arse about what humans think (it can't). Some movies try to cast natural disasters as either a force out to teach us a lesson or as an evil entity. Wisely enough, the primary focus in Armageddon is the motley crew and not the rock floating through space.

    I thought the visual effects were cheesy and the dialogue was corny. The character (we're introduced to one too many) development is non-existent. The acting is mixed: Bruce Willis is a great actor and he gets a lot of the spot light. Most of the other actors are just there for the entertainment value. Christopher Walken, er, William Fichtner, does a good job as captain of the space shuttle, but he appears to be the only one taking the movie seriously. Liv Tyler and Ben Affleck, as lovers, have the chemistry of oil and water. The sound track is dated (music by Trevor Rabin, who, although a great musician, could've done better here).

    The one saving grace is that the action and suspense sequences are great. The attempts at humour work for the most part and make this movie enjoyable. Worth the matinee fare.


    Oh, did you mean something different??

    BTW, google "what is armageddon" and you're on the first page :)

    You said it's hard sitting at a meeting thinking that you don't believe what you're being fed,.........there's many here that can relate to that.

    Best wishes


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