WTBTS Official Testified in the US Congress that Rutherford is Inspired

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  • Apostate Kate2
    Apostate Kate2

    I'm in the middle of reading Russells "The Devine Plan of the Ages" (1886) and several of Rutherfords books.

    Russell was genuine. He was a pastor. IMHO he started to overthink and over anylize the Bible to the point that he was influenced by Miller's end of the world predictions and focus on the Apocalypse. He otherwise seems quite sane and fairly intellectual. (I'm only 1/3 through the book)

    Rutherford was a freaking delusional psychotic. He started the craziest things. Made the most insane unsubstantiated claims that anyone can read and see what a psycho he was. For example; he claims that a machine was invented (1921) in his book "Government" that could harness all the power the world needs from the ocean but the evil US government was keeping this from the world. He said that "women could cook without the intense heat of an oven" (some special type of energy from the ocean?) The fact is technology is just now trying to do this, especially in UK but it just isn't cost effective to put into wide scale use yet. In the beginning of the book he claims that this is not the opinion of man but of God. Gee you would have thought that God would know about the super ocean energy machine issues...I should start a thread and write down all these insane claims as I go along. I had never heard about this stuff before. Had to get some books off ebay, some are reprints.

    Russell slowly veered from acceptable historic Christian doctrine and slowly rep laced grace. He brought heaven down to earth instead of earth to heaven. How Rutherford ever became the leader and people followed him is a mystery to me...Rutherford's writing and grammar is very uneducated and crude compared to Russell. Rutherford started yakking about Beth Sarim in1920s "Millions Now Living Will Never Die" and claimed Jehovah was well pleased with him. 1926 he's still yakking and waiting for the "fauthful men of old" to rise from the dead. PSYCHO

    I think the Government book may have been the beginning of the JWs cannot join military as he states again 1926. Rutherford asks; " is there any just cause to go to war?" How about the genocide of 6 millions Jews Mr Rutherford! Would that count!

    How anyone could possibly believe this mentally ill man was inspired I'll never understand.

  • Sarah Smiles
    Sarah Smiles

    Leo that was really good research so good I had to save it! Here is my favorite quote!

    "If you spend 15 minutes reading each of Rutherford's books you would get more pleasure than you would reading the Bible for a whole year" (Vindication, 1932, Vol. 3, p.383).

    Rutherford was such a nut and you prove it! For years I believed that the WTBTS knew Satan organization!

    Anyhow, do you have anything to prove that when Rutherford was speaking about Big Business men it was about the Jewish people. I think I saw in the Babylon book that Big Business was captialized!

    It is amazing how in the Revelation Its Grand Climax Is At Hand has it as big business with the political and etc. It is like they think it means modern day big business people like Microsoft and it does not, it stands for the Jewish people who raised prices to 500% more when they sold goods, so they coined them Big Business men. Rutherford went to town! used it Big Business as a slang against Jewish people! so how bibical is that one! How strange, he must have been so angry after the Jewish people refused him. Anyhow, language changes with time along with meanings to words. Kind of strange that Rutherford appeared for Hitler there for awhile to keep property, but Hitler thought Rutherford was a nut. I sometime wonder if HItler got his thousand year reign from Rutherford sermons. No way of knowing, but I do have a theory.

    Leo, you did a wonderful job with your research. I hope many JDUBS out there reads your post!

  • Leolaia

    Mr. Goux was recalled on Monday, 19 March 1934, and he was ripped a new one on the same subject (p. 93):

    MR. GOUX. The literature itself demonstrates there are no interpolations of ours, nor any interpretations of the prophecies by men.

    MR. SIROVICH. Any time I pick up any one of the pamphlets you have here, I could use two clauses to prove the reverse. You have the spiritual text and then you breathe your own interpretation into it, and then quite another spiritual text to confirm what you say. You build up a straw man and then take the text and tear it down.

    It gets better. Mr. Goux was asked how much property and revenue the Watchtower Society owns and receives. He stated that in 1933 the Society received $455,000 in contributions and receipts from literature but that they had a "deficit" of $200,000 on account of expenses (over $655,000). This deficit was made up of funds returned by branch offices and further voluntary contributions. (Sound familiar?) But despite these "deficits", the Society has wealth tied up in assets; Mr. Goux reveals that the Society owns over $1 million in property in New York alone. He also mentioned that throughout the country, property was owned not in the name of the Brooklyn corporation but privately in local organizations affiliated with the Brooklyn organization. So Rep. Sirovich inquired on the public charitable works of the Watchtower Society. Remember, this was the time of the Great Depression.

    MR. SIROVICH. Outside of preaching the spiritual Word of God, have you done anything for the poor devils who find themselves economically deprived of a living and in starvation and hunger, or penury and want; have you taken any of that money to help them, outside of preaching to them?

    MR. GOUX. The commission that is entrusted to Jehovah's Witnesses is to bear testimony among the people as to what he will do to permanently relieve not only a few, but the people of all the earth.

    THE CHAIRMAN. You can answer the question or not, can't you? Let us get on with this, because we have given 2 or 3 days to it now.

    MR. GOUX. I am answering, Judge, merely to show that those who are doing this work are seeking to carry out the mission given to them.

    THE CHAIRMAN. Well you do or do you not do relief work?

    MR. SIROVICH. Do you do relief work in the sense that the Salvation Army does? They are preaching the Gospel of God, but bringing some tangible results to those who are suffering from a lack of the necessities of life. Are you doing that, or not?

    MR. GOUX. That is not the purpose of this activity; that is not the purpose of this association.

    THE CHAIRMAN. You do not do that, then?

    MR. SIROVICH. You do not do it; that is all.

  • Ade

    Greetings Leolaia, Nothing wrong with this statement as long as you consider its usage. If you spend 15 minutes reading each of Rutherford's books you would get more pleasure than you would reading the Bible for a whole year" (Vindication, 1932, Vol. 3, p.383). If you were after the worlds funniest jokes its quite true, i read all these books for firepower when i left the jw's i could stop laughing for months Ade

  • Ade

    many apologies could = couldn't stop laughing !!!

  • snowbird

    THE CHAIRMAN. Well you do or do you not do relief work?

    MR. SIROVICH. You do not do it; that is all.

    I used to give secretly to charities because I KNEW of the good works some of them were doing. For instance, The United Way of South Alabama has done so much for the elderly and handicapped. I just couldn't see how giving to this organization constituted support for "a dying world." The WTS is not deserving of a penny from anyone.


  • greendawn

    I liked the way he (Goux) was caught out on the charity issue having to finally admit that the JWs have no charity objectives unlike those organisations that preach and do charity work. This is an old policy in the WTS Rutherford would rather have the money for himself to lead a life of luxury. Certainly not a humble, unselfish and faithful servant of god.

    Surely Rutherford was a borderline psychopath but this strangely gave him a powerful magnetic personality that attracted those seeking a father figure to enter into their life and take it over. Similar to Hitler.

  • Mrs. Witness
    Mrs. Witness

    First of all Leo, I have to commend you on your research and thouroughness. I don't have the patience for it and I'm always blown away by your posts.

    Secondly, where did you find this transcript? Is it on a website somewhere? My hubby loves to watch Congressional stuff on C-Span and laugh at people testifying in front of committees. I'd love to print the actual transcript for him to show him how "funny" one of his own can be...

  • snowbird

    Mattew 10:26 Fear them not therefore: for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known.

    Forgive my manners, Leolaia, for not thanking you in my first post, but the results of your research call to mind the words of our Lord as stated above. All of their little closet skeletons are tumbling out.




    Otherwise I will have to go through all you posts and print EVERYTHING.

    Girlfriend - you got skills!

    Thank you for all you do.

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