I just completely lost it with my father!!!

by Es 18 Replies latest jw friends

  • nvrgnbk

    You have my empathy.

    So sorry.

    But it feels good to be honest, right?

  • minu

    ES, hugs for you for having to deal with hard headed parents. Also, many congrats on your pregnancy.

    I bet they lay awake at nights wondering how to keep that angry creature at bay.

    Jgnat, thanks for my laugh today. Every time I get all worked up my husband just keeps saying "I love you" over and over. It's so funny to see him in that position, he literally backs away from me.

  • changeling

    "mum's" the word


  • Bobbi


    The whole situation sucks for you and yours. Take care of yourself and the baby.


    PS: Make sure you give hubby a snuggle when you calm down to remind him you aren't always so scary. :)

  • Es

    Thank you all for your kind words...... Im feeling a little better this morning, but on the other hand still very upset and even disapointed at my mum for not contacting me after saying she would. Im thinking of just cutting us all off altogether....but that may just be my anger talking at the moment.


  • greendawn

    I can understand your anger because the JWs are hurting you feelings so much through their warped thinking, they say that they are doing this shunning out of love whereas it is obviously a vindictive policy against those that left their org.

    You shouldn't let them get under your skin so as not to make their manipulations appear successful.

  • Es

    Im not angry that they shun me, Im angry that they dont have human decency to call there daughter to let her know that her nan is actually doing ok. I spent the most of last year going to her house once a week, to cook, and clean and do her shopping, I loved being with her and helping her our. Im angry that there was no common courtesy


  • deeskis


  • sass_my_frass


    You did good. Stuff has to be said sometimes. It's good that you're protecting your babies from that too.

    Sorry to hear your nan is unwell, she is a really together lady, I really liked meeting her.

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