I phoned London Bethel re Michael Porter / sex offender

by ThomasCovenant 34 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • daniel-p
    We do not believe any divine inspiration is involved.

    That would be news to 6 million JWs ...

  • moshe

    Thanks for this admission of human imperfection from Bethel. I doubt that you can get that in writing from Bethel, though. It doesn't take long for a JW elder to realize that Jehovah does not do any real policing at the KH. Blind chance uncovers acts of gross sin, not holy spirit.

  • stillajwexelder

    Well we speak out of this side of our mouth when it suits us, then we speak out of the other side when it suits us

  • looloo

    a judicial commitee had a chat with someone accused of abuse in my cong , he disclosed one episode of abuse , he was a min servant , he was not reported to the police , forgiven , then went on to rape more children in the congregation for years , 17 years later he gets sent to prison and it turns out that when the spirit appointed elders had that chat with him they did not get told by the spirit that he had done much worse than kiss her like he had told them , and it was not a jw who re[ported him to the police either maybe god directed the non jw to bring the man to justice .

  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    Moshe; thanks for bring this topic bttt. talking to the dopes at bethel , is simple, they are even stupider than you local, brain dead pioneer. talking to at bethel is like talking to someone that is back peddling, they have no names,( unless you ask for a certent person) {big turn off} and they know next to nothing. (except what time lunch is being served). J.R. Brown is a HALF A MAN( WITH NO BACK BONE) and will not get on the phone. either he's jerking off under the desk, or he's hiding in the LADIES ROOM. the guys (ass kissers) in the writing dept. don't even know what last weeks WT STUDY IS ABOUT, and the GAStaPO IN the service dept. are a bunch of cry babies once you stand up to them. i really feel sorry for these dopes. thier only hope is to lie enough for free room and board. there is nothing too low for them to lie about. don't ask me how I know...

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