Experiences of bethelites from around the world

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  • ldrnomo

    It would be nice to hear from former bethelites from around the world. There stories while they were at bethel good or bad.

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Bethelites should have thier own Island...so we could have somewhere to test nuclear weapons!

  • 4digitcode


    he said FORMER bethelites w007.

  • Alligator Wisdom
    Alligator Wisdom

    It would be nice to hear from CURRENT Bethelites who are lurking on this discussion board.

    Come on now, we know that you're reading this at this very moment. Don't click your mouse and log off. You must have something to express.

    Experiences, good or bad.

    Alligator Wisdom (aka Brother NOT Exerting Vigorously)

  • Ex Nihilo
    Ex Nihilo

    I would be paranoid the WTS would be logging my site visits.....I don't think they would dare come here, although the higher up members may visit just to know if they need to do damage control for any matters of apostasy.

    Either way I have visited/stayed at bethel before applying...I can tell you what I know, I also had several friends, all of which were pretty honest about it.

  • jwfacts

    My 3 1/2 Bethel experience was terrible. By the end I was suicidal. For anyone that finds being a JW stifling, being a Bethelite is the JW experience to the extreme. Petty rules for everything, personal invasion and heirachy. The Bethel elders went as far as to do a raid on each bedroom to check the CDs that the brothers had were acceptable.

    There were only two benefits. It was a great place to meet sisters. It opened my eyes to the fact that Holy Spirit does not direct the Watchtower Society and that there is no such thing as Watchtower spirituality, the Watchtower is all about old fashioned corporate growth.

  • Ex Nihilo
    Ex Nihilo

    Raids on rooms for Cd's? That's rather over the top!

    On the form to apply, it asks if you have viewed entertainment or listened to music that is sexually explicit in nature, or violent etc. Many of the applicants did not even apply for that reason. Not that they were bad kids, it was more that they had seen it involuntarily, and didn't want to lie on a technicality.

    I know the CO listened to Norah Jones though. (sp?)

  • MadTiger

    They have your roommate spy on you, too, to report your tastes in music and reading material.

    Happened to TWO of my old friends who like punk/alternative/rock/etc.

  • nvrgnbk

    It was very educational.

    On many fronts.

    I did alot of "G-jobbin'".

    I'll never forget heading to a brownstone in the Heights, with fear and trepidation.

    I passed Gil Naziroff on the way.

    I was loaded down with tools and he scowled at me.

    It was Monday night and I was missing the Family WT Study.

    I just knew Jehovah was frownin' too. LOL!

    But I had an engagement ring to buy and 90$/mo. wasn't gonna make that happen.

    So I was gonna do what I did best.

    The hourly rate was worked out in advance by the "heavy" that contracted me.

    Much to my surprise, when I got into the house, I was surrounded by Bethelites(some Bethel elders) also there working instead of enjoying the rich blessing that was the WT Study.

    In time, it caught up with me. I got busted.

    The smarter guys would actually go to and from their "G-jobs" in meeting clothes with briefcases to throw off any and all "spies".

    Actually, I met alot of good people there.

    Alot of assholes too.

    Like anywhere I suppose.

  • wunce_wuz

    ...It was Monday night and I was missing the Family WT Study.

    I just knew Jehovah was frownin' too. LOL!...

    I remember the time a friend of mind wanted to see a questionable movie that was playing at the theater near bethel. He figured it be safe to go on a Monday while everyone is at the Family WT study. Goes to buy the ticket. The person selling the ticket can tell he is a Bethelite, we had that "look", and says, "sure is a lot of you guys here tonite". Walks in the movie theater and its wall-to-wall Bethelites. Was so funny....like minds...

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