Pseudo Thanksgiving - Everyone doesn't have to work....Lets cook a turkey!

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  • RisingEagle

    Yep. Non-Thanksgiving was always celebrated in our house. We also had the 'Turkey is cheaper this time of year' reasoning from my parents. It always peeved me that I would be yanked out of the classroom to go to the library while the other kiddies got to decorate their handprint turkeys only to return home to the same dang dinner every one of the other kids were eating. Come to think of it, it also applied to Christmas. I remember one year the kids were making pipe-cleaner candycane reindeer and my teacher, thinking herself clever, instead of having me go to the library had me decorate a construction paper snowman. I guess she was thinking, "What could possibly be wrong with decorating a non-religious snowman?" I proudly showed my mom my creation when she picked me up from school, she promptly tore it out of my hand and had an immediate shouting match conference with the teacher and principal while I sat in the hall. We then went home and had Non-Christmas dinner.


  • Seeker4

    Yeah - at least somewhere over that four day weekend we'd get together with an extended JW family and have turkey with all the fixins!

    Lots of non-JW people tell me it's their favorite holiday - all the family getting-together and good food fun of Xmas without all the gift giving stress.


  • ex-nj-jw

    Yup, mom would get the free Turkey from work and we'd have our "it's not Thanksgiving" dinner. She would wait until Sunday tho, we'd never do it on Thursday.


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