Some Thoughts... I'm new, this is THERAPUTIC for me... read if you'd like

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  • shell69

    Funny this coz my mil hasn't been to a meeting for at least 15 years, yet she told me once that she still beleives its the 'truth', its just she can't stand all the people politics that goes on.

    Welcome bb, yours amongst friends


  • bluesbreaker59

    Welcome fellow Iowan!!! Great, well written, interesting post.

  • greendawn

    Welcome bbdodger, put as much distance as possible between yourself and the cult, expand your social life with non JWs, if you have spiritual aspirations join a mainsteram Christian religion, read plenty on their history and doctrine to see how thoroughly deceptive and manipulative they are despite their innocent and well meaning appearences.

  • bbdodger

    I haven't spoken to anyone in my congregation for nearly 20 years, and I do all I can to avoid them. I am married, I've gotten on with my life. I've visited other Churches (with a heavy heart). None of my friends, or social circle are JWs. I've gotten rid of all of that, many years ago.

    My point is that after that long of a time period, the language that unique to JWs, the doctrines, the guilt and fear... it's still familiar to me, it's still there!

    I was a child when my Mother was DFed. It's just proof of how strong their tactics of control really are... I'm a perfect example of that.

  • pixie corpse
    pixie corpse

    Hello, I am new here also. I stumbled across this site whilst looking for a contact number for the current congregation my ex is attending. ( I cant stand his hypocritical attitude any longer and feel I need to dob him in)

    I was brought up as a JW and was DF'D 17 years ago. I had left my husband, who had bashed me right through our marriage, and refused to go back to him. As there were no grounds for divorce (according to their law) I was reproved then started dating a wordly man hence the DF. I worked hard to get reinstated only to wake up and admit to myself it was not the way I wanted my children brought up and left, never to return, 2 years later. My mother is still a JW and I suppose I have avoided criticism of the sect so as not to hurt her. However after reading of so many people feeling as I have felt I wanted to contribute.

    well, she has definitely "moved on" in the physical sense... she's remarried, an active bar hopper, smokes cigarettes, drinks lots and lots of beer, did I mention smoke?

    I so related to that comment bb as I did the same thing apart from the remarrying bit! I believe it was a belated teenage rebellion, something I would have NEVER done at 18. I guess I got it out of my system as I have settled down again and lead a quiet life with a few good friends (a couple who are ex JW's as well)

    I am writing an account of my life as affected by JW's and I find that very therapeutic, I can go back and re read it and see the ridiculousness of my upbringing and not feel so guilty.

    My children have asked to read it but I am so damning and critical of my family members in it I would rather they didn't, maybe after I am dead!

    This is really an eye opener for me, I am enjoying reading everyones posts and I think you are all so brave and strong as it takes an awful amount of courage to leave them, especially if you are living in a small town such as I and are always running into JW's. Thank God they think I am diseased and cross the street or duck into a shop to avoid me. It allows me to walk straight ahead with my head held high!

    Sorry this is in red...I was playing with the font colour and cant change it back..

  • blueviceroy

    Raping of the mind is even more heinous than raping the flesh . Sick acts of domination are purpatrated by people preaching "man dominates man to his own detriment" That is truly foul and sickening Having that kind of mindset foisted on a helpless trusting child makes me feel queezy and angry and I wish I could do more than post my opinion GOOD LUCK You have my support for your journey into freedom

  • bbdodger
    I am writing an account of my life as affected by JW's and I find that very therapeutic, I can go back and re read it and see the ridiculousness of my upbringing and not feel so guilty.

    That's exactly it! I loved reading your story. I

    isn't it amazing how everyone's story has some element to it that rings true??? I guess it might have to do with how they wanted us to all live lives that were so similar.

    This is my second day in the forum, and it's great! Everyone is intelligent, welcoming, and kind. You're going to love it here.

  • Gopher

    Pixie corpse -- interesting moniker, welome to JWD!!!

    BBdodger -- I missed this post last night. Again, riveting reading !!

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