Sep KM Question box: Research on the internet is disrespecting the slave

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  • truthseeker

    Well folks, if anyone here thought that the FDS weren't being explicit about researching websites or checking the accuracy of the NW bible, you should have been in our hall.

    Some choice quotes from the "glorious ones"

    The faithful and discreet slave gives us everything we need.

    If we disrespect the slave we are disobeying Jehovah God.

    With all the studying that we do for all the meetings, how could anyone find time to do independent research? It would be time better spent in the ministry.

    and the most uneducated comment: The society says that some are studying different sciences

    This meeting was laughable and the brother giving it sounded like he had no clue about the internet.

    Apparently, doing research, no matter how sincere, is the same as foolish questionings over genealogies.

    If you WANT to do extra research, then use the Insight on the Scriptures book.

  • oompa

    Did they even read the NEW information that the "fds does not endorse literature, meetins, websites" that is does not produce? They skipped it at my hall completely,

    see what they want to see....oompa

  • Outaservice

    Any 'Red Flags' here?


  • What-A-Coincidence

    New Release for the 2008 Convention: GBorgs!


    Those who control the information control the person. In a mind control cult any information from outside the cult is considered evil, especially if it is opposing the cult. Members are told not to read it or believe it. Only information supplied by the cult is true. One cult labels any information against it as "persecution" or "spiritual pornography", another cult calls it "apostate literature" and will expel you from the group if you are caught with it. Cults train their members to instantly destroy any critical information given to them, and to not even entertain the thought that the information could be true.

    Common sense tells us that a person who does not consider all information may make an unbalanced decision. Filtering the information available or trying to discredit it not on the basis of how true it is, but rather on the basis of how it supports the party line, is a common control method used throughout history.

  • worldtraveller

    I want to thank Al Gore for creating these wonderous tubes called the internets. (stupid american politicians). I love it when Steven Colbert calls it that.

  • fresia

    In other words, don't bother finding the truth out about us, we will not tolerate you, even if they have been proven to be wrong without a doubt they are right and it is you the over zealous b/s that is wrong for finding out and disrespecting the God ( GB/FDS) so therefore any knowledge you know even if right is wrong, because we never endorsed it, it fact you should be disfellowshiped for even having the hide to look at anything other than our publications.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Fortunately, the only ones who will obey this are the ones who didn't need a
    Question Box to remind them. The average captive doesn't go to negative
    research. Thanks for posting the coverage at your KH.

  • bobld

    By the commemts they made at your KH the FDS sure has the cult slaves brain washed.They totally control all apects of their livies, so sad when God created human with free will.

    As a side note: didn't the FDS/GB sue a Brother who did research USING ONLY THEIR PUBILCATIONS and put it on the internet so other Brothers/sisters could use this info.This way they would have more time for the field service.


  • garybuss

    The truth will set you free . . . free from your family, free from your friends, and for many of us . . . free from our homes, our marriages, our jobs, our medical care, and free from our dreams. If the "truth" had set me any freer I'd be a bum on the street corner.

  • emy the infidel
    emy the infidel

    I'm sorry Gary....for all your losses (not that you're not a bum on the streetcorner!).

    Sad to see that after all these years of being away, nothing has changed at all.

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