Sep KM Question box: Research on the internet is disrespecting the slave

by truthseeker 13 Replies latest jw friends

  • garybuss

    Remember when we TRIED to get Witnesses to DO research?

    Remember when we used to invite more people to come into the Kingdom Hall than we invited to leave?


  • choosing life
    choosing life

    Wow WAC,

    I thought you wrote this. Then I looked at the site and there it was , word for word. It even used the words "spiritual pornography" and "apostate" literature. How closer could you come to the witnesses?

    I would like to hear more responses how this part went over in different cong. by those who went. Anybody care to share?

  • metaspy

    in my hall some one commented that even learning Greek bordered on apostasy!!
    I wonder if the same applies to learning other languages....

  • dobbie

    WAC thanks for putting that cults link up, i haven't come across that one before. I can't believe how similar alot of it all was to the witnesses - i was in a cult aagh!Have saved it to favorites so i can show hubby, cos some of it is so true.thanks

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