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  • metatron

    According to reports from various KM schools, there is a real problem in the US with losing elders.

    I find this easy to believe. I once told a C.O. that we had no "B" team. He understood all too well.


  • The Oracle
    The Oracle


    Every intelligent guy is beginning realize, deep down that it is all BS.

    Who wants to waste so much of their time slaving for a cause that is truly empty of real purpose?

    There are only a few types of people who would want to be an elder. My evalauation is in constant flux but this is how I would break it down today

    A) The Power Hungry Asses: these are the guys that are just after the title. They disguise the pursuit of title, prestige, and recognition as "reaching out for priveleges" - but it means the same thing, and it is all they care about. In elders meetings they try and maneuver things so they get more prominent priveleges (special talks, memorial, becoming PO etc etc)

    B) The Dicks: these are the guys that just like somebody to boss around. They actually enjoy "grinding" people. They disguise this as "couneling" or "loving discipline". They love pushing the publishers and MS's around and are generally very arrogant and stubborn in nature. They especially like volunteering for judicial cases so they can really flex their dickishness.

    C) The Ass Kissers: These are the guys that just love to please and can't get enough praise from the friends, but especially from the higher-ups in the organization like the CO and the dudes at the branch. They are pretty good guys, but they have no back-bone and can't really think for themselves.

    D) The Losers: These are the poor saps that can not possibly succeed at anything else in life, but they know that if they follow the simple formula of attending the meetings and going out in the ministry regularly that they will get appointed as an elder and will be somebody. They aren't bad guys (like the first three types), they are just trying to be contributing members of society and they know that they can succeed in the role of an elder.

    E) The Robots: These are the guys that have been brought up in the truth and have just gone with the flow and have done what is expected of them. They have been thoroughly brainwashed and beaten down. The have zero personality, are pretty caring and gentle people, but they don't have a clue. They follow the FDS class to a tee, and they are guided by the desire to do everything by the book. Their fathers were probably elders too and everyone expects them to follow the same path

    F) The Zealots: These are the few guys that actually believe everything - even deep down, and have a passion for doing what they feel is right. Their zeal blinds their minds from a lot of common sense truth, but they are generally reasonable and intelligent dudes. They actually put in an honest morning of the service because they want to do it, and they genuinely care about the flock.

    I guess there are a few other TYPES of elders, but that is where I pigeon-hole most of the ones I have had the pleasure to work with. Is it any wonder there is not a huge line-up of brothers waiting to sign up with mentors like that?

    just my two cents on it,

    The Oracle

  • carla

    I wish you guys would quit saying that. Crap, my jw never misses a meeting, goes out every Sat in fs, suppose he sounds like good elder material? Even with a ubm and jw's not allowed to call our landline only his cell? and don't forget our heathen children (non jw, never will be).

  • MadTiger

    I was an MS zealot, if I had to pick a category.

    They are indeed running short of people in ANY of those categories who want to do it. There are people at my hall who purposefully got under double-digit hours in service every few months so that they would not qualify as easily for MS appointment.

  • Bonnie_Clyde

    Clyde and I weren't at the last assembly, but we got word that it was mentioned there were something like 115 brothers who were not longer elders in the circuit.

  • Alligator Wisdom
    Alligator Wisdom


    I refused eldership twice over the past five years. It looks like I'm due for another recommendation though.

    Funny how the elders seem to envy me. Honestly! Here they are running about with their hands cuffed because of policy and procedure from the Branch office while trying to shepherd the flock. Sorry, doesn't work that way. An elder in the true sense needs the spirit of Christ and Christian freedom to be an effective shepherd. Something that the WTS doesn't allow. The corporation keeps tight reigns.

    I know these elders in my circle well enough to say that they are basically nice people, but they are dedicated to the role the WTS dictates that elders should portray. And in turn force the flock to portray. Yes, I refuse to be a pharisee.

    The supply of elders are getting younger and inexperienced.

    Alligator Wisdom (aka Brother NOT Exerting Vigorously)

  • WT=watchtrouble

    Happening everywhere, in my cong the elders are so old - not nice to say but prob only have a few years left in them

  • Seeker4

    Here's a thread I started on this same topic a while ago. Has some very interesting figures, which seem to be fairly accurate, that the WTS has lost about a third of the elders.

    Maybe someone can activate the link for me, thank you very much.


  • quietlyleaving

    I heard that in one congregation a branch committe member is the PO and also the Watchtower study conductor - there are 10 elders in the congregation - go figure. More and more elders are suffering burnout.

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