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    Ah, by Oracle's list, I was a ZEALOT. I truly cared about the congo and helping them. The experience of being an elder (following suit with being a bethelite and doing need-greater work in South America) helped open my eyes even further to the borg. On my body of elders only about 1/3 were really caring. Others were power-mongering or self-righteous. And they LOVED having me, a young newbie, to become their slave. They made it as hard as they possibly could for me to step down. After stepping down, they pretty much had nothing to do with me. Then when I was reproved (Damn, I had to do SOMETHING to speed up the process!), they erased me from their data-banks and pretended I didn't exist. I went from being the 25-year-old superstar elder who had played by all their rules, gave their special talks, and took all the shit-work... to being nothing within 1.5 to 2 months. After I stepped down, only one person I served on the body with ever called me (the Presiding Overseer who he had admitted to me that he was gay)! On top of that, only one other person in the entire congo ever called me and he was someone who was married with children who had admitted to me that he was gay. Hmm, you can probably guess why they were telling me that. At any rate, YES any thinking brother will eventually realize that being an elder is thankless slavery. They only way I can imagine a person sticking with it is a love of power. Usually, they end up watching their own families fall apart, while they "serve" the congregation.

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    OM - it works nicely. That's an interesting thread.

    The shortage of elders, and the fact that they've lost many of the best and brightest, does not bode well for the WTS. My ex-wife is still a JW, and does not speak well of many of the appointed men in the congregations she knows very well. There are only a handful of brothers she seems to regard with much respect.

    The same is true with my daughter's congregation on Cape Cod.


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    I was an elder for a few years. If I was to be put into a category I was closest to a "robot." Once I understood the truth about the "truth." I started a long term fade that is absolutely completed.

    Prior to being an elder I was the accounts servant for many years. I work as an auditor and think I brought a lot of organiztional skills to the table. So, I gues you could say that they lost some valuable skills when they lost me.

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    Being an elder requires a lot of emotional and time commitment a lot more than being a R&F dub. Given that the WTS is losing its appeal as the paradise on earth and immortality seem to have been postpones indefinitely it's natural that less and less people will be interested in a time consuming unrewarding task.

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    Another angle on this - There are no doubt in many congregations brothers that are qualified but are being held back by elders who do not want to lose their power and control. As servants the elders can hold even more control over them.

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    It amazes me that they find so many men willing to spend so much time for free. These men gullibly sacrifice their personal time, their family time, and their careers, their love lives, for what?

    "Put the kingdum first and all things will be added to you!"

    That is such a magic slogan for the Craptower Society. They have a whole arsenal of scriptures and slogans they use to manipulate good people who desire a better life for themselves and their families. These men will spend years of their lives giving talks, conducting meetings, preparing for weddings and funerals, on committees, arranging conventions etc, all so they can receive the pat on the head from daddy FDS or approval from the Circuit O. I may be wrong, but I always had a sneaking suspicion that my elder husband craved the approval of older men. I couldnt believe how obedient he was to their suggestions that he do more, do more. We were already doing more! How about our marriage???? How about doing something for us????

    He was/still is definitely under their influence and control and desires to please and help and sacrifice and die faithful and have some nice words said about him at his funeral. That is his dream I guess.
    Oh of course, he plans to wake up in paradise for all his sacrifices too.


    (they dont even let him into heaven for all the sacrifice he has made for them! Shameful rippoff!)

    I hope their supply of elders is drying up FAST!!!!!
    I hope the weirdness of their meetings starts folks to wonder what the heck are they doing there?
    I hope visitors get the creeps and never go back.
    I hope the pioneers all get discouraged and quit.

    I wish my former friends and relatives would realize paradise is here and now and that this life is to be treasured. They treated me like nothing. I wasted so much love and life on those people and that organization. Im still paying the price of that folly.


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    I know of one elder who is this 3 types rolled into one intolerable person and elder..

    A) The Power Hungry Asses: these are the guys that are just after the title. They disguise the pursuit of title, prestige, and recognition as "reaching out for priveleges" - but it means the same thing, and it is all they care about. In elders meetings they try and maneuver things so they get more prominent priveleges (special talks, memorial, becoming PO etc etc)
    B) The Dicks: these are the guys that just like somebody to boss around. They actually enjoy "grinding" people. They disguise this as "couneling" or "loving discipline". They love pushing the publishers and MS's around and are generally very arrogant and stubborn in nature. They especially like volunteering for judicial cases so they can really flex their dickishness.
    C) The Ass Kissers: These are the guys that just love to please and can't get enough praise from the friends, but especially from the higher-ups in the organization like the CO and the dudes at the branch. They are pretty good guys, but they have no back-bone and can't really think for themselves.

    Asskissing Power-hungry Dick.

    (LOL @ 'dickishness'.)

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