Were the Dinosuars on Noahs Ark? Watch. 1973 = Yes!!!

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  • jam

    A adult elephant comsume between 300-600 lbs. of food A day. A adult Rhinceros 100 lbs. a day.

    Noah exit the ark on the 7th month. For two elephant , he needed to store 176000lbs , the Rhino,s

    46400 lbs. Total for those four222400 lbs. 2000 pounds = one ton.

  • jam

    where termites in the ark.

  • Tatiana

    @ Jam....good question. There had to be since they survived until this day.

  • doofdaddy

    Exwhyzee you stole my thunder!

    Didn't jehovah smell a restful odour after the flood finished? That was the stench of trillions of dead fish and coral in the oceans.

    Jehovah reckons there's nothing like the smell of death to ease a stressful situation..


    And why the need for flies? And mosquitos? If you based on you answer on the "Evolution or Design" articles in the Watchtower you will learn that in his great wisdom Jehovah knew that Malaria was necessary to kill millions of unvaccinated people. Not to mention the genius behind bacteria carry flies...

  • VM44

    Witness 007 posted this on the second page of this thread.

    Another example of The Watchtower discouraging the asking of questions.

    Witness 007 wrote:

    Watch 69 9/1 p.543 "Question from readers. Some animals have characteristics that seem suited to killing, such as lions and piosonous snakes. How can this be if they were all vegetarians at one time? -L.K Netherlands."
    "....is there anyone on earth who can say from personal observation how these animals acted 6000 years ago?...does mans ability to chew and digest meat prove that all men eat meat, or that men have always eaten meat? No...SCIENTISTS ARE LIMITED IN THIER KNOWLEDGE...that certain evidence DOES NOT SEEM TO SUPPORT WHAT THE BIBLE SAYS about animal life in the past, should not cause one to reject God's inspired word...As an example a tiger can use it's fangs and claws, to catch, kill, tear apart other animals. Yet could not these same claws be used to tear apart heavy vegetation and ripping off husks and shells." {Tigers do love Pineapples and coconuts he he} "..the pioson spittle of snakes for example has work to do in the digestion of the snakes food. It is true that hundreds even thousands of problem cases can be brought up, that apparently indicate that animals always killed one and other....but should our lack of knowledge of God's creation cause us to lose faith in him and his word. should we let questions about preying animals prey on us?"
    Watch 61 p.766 "...God set the perfect man and women on a vegetarian diet, without suggesting even dairy products...WE ARE NOT TO PREOCCUPY OURSELVES WITH THESE QUESTIONS... Noah had no deep freeze or refrigeration installation to preserve processed flesh foods...Noah was not asked to carry on a slaughterhouse in the Ark....Let us take the bibles position on the subject and NOT OVER OCCUPY OURSELVES WITH MERELY INCIDENTAL MATTERS, TO THE EXTENT OF WASTING TIME, THOUGHT, AND PEACE OF HEART, AND POSSIBLY STUMBLING OURSELVES INTO THE CAMP ON THE GODLESS EVOLUTIONISTS."
    Yes everyone! Please stop asking these silly questions, and wasting time from Witnessing.
  • VM44

    "SCIENTISTS ARE LIMITED IN THIER KNOWLEDGE...that certain evidence DOES NOT SEEM TO SUPPORT WHAT THE BIBLE SAYS about animal life in the past, should not cause one to reject God's inspired word"

    That's also essentially what The Watchtower says about Ptolemy's Canon and the astronomical tablet VAT 4956 in that they both imply the year 586/7 BCE instead of 607 BCE for the destruction of Jerusalem.

  • Witness 007

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