Sad Sept KM QB part tonight. They have a plan. Sad.

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  • yknot

    This was totally glossed over at my KH, maybe 2 seconds spent on it, warning of spiritual endangerment and satans snares that the WTBS was trying to protect us from.

    Here is my question I wanted to ask but I know I would never be called on....

    Why the clamp down

    Treat all DAs, DF's as the Devil, Higher Education the Devils Schools, and Media limitations

    Is another GB writing a book? Was there a major revival of Bible study at Bethel? Why is the Public Sunday Talk and Watchtower becoming so "secret society"? What up with pinning the sheep in such closed quarters ( in AG that is only done when you get ready to fleece them......)

    If there are any Bethelite lurkers please shed some "light©"

    I am not looking for negativity but it is sure hard to miss.

    I love my religion I just can't stand the Jerk Idiots running it!

  • Hermano

    Feel for you Oompa. My wife and I discussed the article as well. The spin she put on it is that it is all about the motive. In her mind, the article is referring to research for the purpose of 1) contradicting the FDS, or 2) promoting oneself. Never mind that the article does not talk about research for good motives vs. research for bad motives, this was how she reconciled it in her mind.

    The funny thing is during our conversation she reminded me of the fanatical people I would sometimes talk to in service. At times when I made a good point to her, she would get very angry and tell me she doesn't want to hear it, or she doesn't want to talk about it anymore. You could see her mind just closing.

    Sunday night, we had another conversation, and the end result of that one is she started crying. She was sad that I would not be with her in paradise. I pretty much had to console her and re-sell the paradise to her, reminding her how wonderful it will be --even though I wont be there.

    There is no doubt in my mind, we are dealing with a cult here. She has pretty much handed over her thinking and reasoning abilities to the FDS. Whatever they say, MUST be the truth. Anyone who says anything to the contrary MUST be lying.

    So you are not alone, my friend.

  • ?me?

    the brother at our hall DID read most of the article, but he definately had a giant " anyone who does this is horrible " slant on the whole discussion. he injected more of his opinions than the article stated. i thought the article should have been presented as " it is good to dig deep into the bible and other research, but the WTS does not back and cannot back brothers and sisters who make up seperate study groups and such, and beware that they do not take a negative spin, blah, blah blah. and just read our literatue if you want to study" BUT right from the get go, this brother ( the most hardcore-ex bethelite ) mocks any who do extra research as "doubting the WTS and doesn't the fds give us all we need? and isnt it terrible they might want to check the NWT for accuracy". he kept the open discussion and answering to a minimum, but i know i saw some curious looks (including from a cool elder) and the lack of hands showed this was viewed as a bunch of crap by more than a few at the meeting.. all in all, it was a simple article with a simple answer and this brother turned it into a talk about "evil associates that ,(ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh no , don't do it !!!!!!!!!!!!) actually research, non WTS stuff, just like the WTS does when it quotes outside sources and literature, and verifies its reasonings with historical info.

  • Honesty
  • changeling

    Sorry oompa.


  • Awakened07

    It's interesting to see how the mind works. They're interpreting this article like they're interpreting the Bible; "It can't mean this, so it has to mean this", when it's plain as day what it actually says.

    They won't get away with the "it's about groups of people", because the article does state that "It is commendable for individuals to want to use their thinking ability in support of the good news. However, no personal pursuit should detract from what Jesus Christ is accomplishing through his congregation on earth today." ... "For those [individuals?] who wish to do extra Bible study and research, we recommend that they explore [our publications]".

    In other words: "It's great that you as individuals do research, but not if it turns out to go against what the WBTS teaches (how would one know before one started the research?), and if you must research, you should use only our publications".

    -Yes - I can interpret too... Only, this I would say is a correct assessment.

    By the way - has the WBTS ever said "You must do this and this?" Isn't it always "we do not recommend or endorse" etc.?

    Yet all JWs know what that means.

  • freyd

    3rd Babylon----"For many have lost husbands, wives, children, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, and dear friends over their oppression,"----- "In this century the polity of the Church was quietly organized. There was an organized fellowship among the members; bishops had become influential, not in society, but among the Christians; dioceses and parishes were established; there was a distinction between city and rural bishops; delegates of churches assembled to discuss points of faith or suppress nascent heresies; the diocesan system was developed, and ecclesiastical centralization commenced; deacons began to be reckoned among the higher clergy; the weapons of excommunication were forged; missionary efforts were carried on; the festivals of the church were created; Gnosticism was embraced by many leading minds; catechetical schools taught the faith systematically; the formulas of baptism and the sacraments became of great importance; and monachism became popular. The[False] Church was thus laying the foundation of its future polity and power." VOL II p285

  • oompa

    Hermano, I hate to break this to you, but I am also married to your wife.

    There was no shortage of hands up at my meeting, just enthusiasim.

    This elder doing the part was the only caring one in the bunch, my friend. I even wonder a bit, since this was my first service meeing in 6 months, did he try to whitewash it for me and any other doubters? Or maybe even himself since I have pretty much wore him out PROVING to him my doubts in out org. were well founded. Twice he agreed with me on major points.

    I am a wuss, I should have read the "FDS hates information" sentence....oompa

  • Younglove1999

    I can't seem to bring up the link with the actual copy of the KM, but it sounds like the material is pretty self explanatory- ie, why the hell is every one (the JW's) interpreting it to make it come across as something different than what it says in plain black and white- If the FDS is commissioned by God to "interpret the sayings from the Bible", then why can't they just clearly come out and say ABC, instead of creating 7 paragraphs of BS and not actually say anything constructive or finite?

    Reading their crap is like talking to a shady lawyer. You don't get anything productive out of it.

    *rolls eyes*

  • Younglove1999

    Oh, and oompa, I'm so sorry about the whole ordeal with your wife. :(

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