Where were you when the planes hit?

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  • RAF

    I was in Sioux Falls (South Dakota - US) that day ...

  • minu

    I had just gotten out of the shower. The tv was on. I heard all kinds of commotion on tv and went to look at it. I must've stood there for goodness knows how long with dripping hair and dressed in a towel. When I finally jolted out of the daze I was already late for work and when I got to work no one seemed to notice I was late.

  • tula

    SARASOTA - Looking back on that day, columnist Robert Plunket wonders why the president of the United States seemed among the last to know about the worst terrorist attack in American history.

    Former U.S. Rep. Dan Miller wonders why communications were so bad the president had to use a cell phone to reach Washington.

    And bartender Darlene Sievers wonders what Mohamed Atta, the lead hijacker, was doing in her lounge just a few weeks before Sept. 11, 2001.

    On a day of unthinkable horror, President Bush's visit to a Sarasota elementary school was overshadowed by the tragedies elsewhere. Yet questions quickly arose about the president's actions that morning, along with those of the Secret Service, the agency charged with protecting him.

    Until recently, the controversy over Bush's brief time in Florida has been largely confined to conspiracy-minded Internet sites. But now it has burst into prominence with Fahrenheit 9/11, the new Michael Moore film that shows a blank-looking Bush holding a children's book - My Pet Goat - for several minutes as a national disaster unfolds.

    Critics of the film say it is grossly unfair to the president. Bush told the 9/11 commission, which is investigating the attacks and the government's response, that he felt he should "project strength and calm until he could better understand what was happening."

    From his testimony and that of others, a slightly fuller picture has emerged of the president's morning. The St. Petersburg Times also conducted numerous interviews and examined public records in an effort to separate fact from fiction.

    But to this day the story remains fraught with confusion, contradictions and questions. Among them: How much in command was the commander in chief?

    [AP photo]
    At a Sarasota elementary school, President Bush is told of the 9/11 plane attacks by chief of staff Andrew Card.
  • Lumptard

    what planes?


    Where was I? I was at home, turned my TV on and saw what looked like a still shot of a smoking building, I had no idea what I was looking at. I switched channels and saw the same identical thing on other channels as well. All I thought initially was, "This is weird, what is going on?" Then I listened closely and OMG, then I saw on the TV the second plane fly in and never did I expect to see the buildings crumble down. We must have all thought the same thing, "Can anything be worse than that?" Sadly enough, we've had a good share of tragedies.

    The only other thought I had was, "How many JW's were out there to help?" Hurricane Katrina, "How many JW's were out there to help?" They think approaching people with literature will sustain them, when they desperately needed literal water, clothing, lodging etc. etc. As a former JW, I know I would not have provided for anyone. I was never taught how to care for others. They have a lot to learn. And a lot of explaining to do to God, "When did I see you .....?" Need I say anymore?


  • recovering

    I was treating patients at St Vincent's hospital in Manhatten. We all rushed outside to set up triage, and to assist the victims. To our horrer out of the thousands we expected, very few actually arrived. I lived outside the city at this time, and was stuck in NYC for hours due to road closures. That day I mourned for friends who worked in tower 2.

  • Mutz

    I was having sex.

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