Where were you when the planes hit?

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  • Mulan

    I was asleep...................we live in Washington State, so the first plane hit about 5:46AM our time. The second one hit at 6:02 AM our time. We get up about that time. Lots of the people we know said they saw on TV the second plane hit, but probably not, if they live here. They saw recordings of the Today show or Good Morning America, and it was live in New York, at the time it was recorded. Not live for us.

    Didn't turn on the television until Dave called me after he got to his first repair job about 7:30, and the householder had said she would leave the TV on for him. He hadn't heard either.

    We had relatives from New York staying with us because my cousin (the mother and mother in law of my houseguests) had died a few days earlier. They were due to go home that day, but had to postpone their departure obviously. My house quickly filled with everyone from out of town, who had come for Sharon's memorial. Crazy, horrible, day.

    Bad week for our family.

  • Insomniac

    In a quaint little town on the coast of Maine, preparing to open shop for the day- I was working in a health-food store while going to college. They announced the first plane hitting the tower on the radio program I was listening to, and while they were announcing it, the second plane hit. All day long in class, we kept getting conflicting accounts of what was going on- written in my day planner are the words "White House is on fire (???)." That evening, I went home and, with my best friend and his boyfriend, watched tv and prayed for the victims.

  • maxwell

    When the planes hit the towers in NY, I was probably blissfully getting ready for work after sleeping a little late. I hopped on my bicycle about 9:15 and rolled up to my office building about 9:45. The building where I worked at the time is probably less than a mile from the Pentagon. I got off my bicycle and started walking toward the door and I noticed a strange looking dark cloud coming from behind another building. I saw a few people standing outside looking in that direction also. I went up to my office and shortly got a call from my wife. She and some other witnesses had been in field service in a neighborhood within a mile or so of the Pentagon. Then I knew where the dark cloud was coming from. I looked out my window and saw that the cloud had gotten darker. I started trying to get onto some of the news sites, CNN or washingtonpost. We were dismissed from work within the hour and I went home and watched the news for the rest of the day.

  • restrangled

    I was at the front desk of an office. One of the wives called in saying a plane had hit one of the towers so we should watch the news. By the time we found a small TV, set up on my desk an additional plane had hit. The owner was out of town, flown by his own pilot and plane. The VP, told us to go home and pick up our kids from school, and fill up our gas tanks.

    I drove to the first gas station I could find and filled up. Everyone at the pumps were asking everyone else if they needed help, were they ok etc, Did they need money for gas or help picking someone up. (Total strangers ready to help any other total stranger)

    My Husband was in Germany at the time about to come home. He was stuck for an additional 2 plus weeks at a military base.

    It was a very frightening time for our family, but I felt the support of my neighbors and absolute total strangers and the people from work.


  • poppers

    I was teaching in a 4th grade classroom. I was thinking all day how to break the news, only to discover that the PE teacher told them about it that morning. Not one kid made a comment about it all day until I brought the subject up at the end of the day.

  • Leolaia

    Being on the West Coast, it was all over by the time I woke up. I first found out about it in the shower. Heard all this stuff about United Airlines flight this and American Airlines flight that. Thought there must've been a crash until I saw the TV. Pretty daunting to take all that in at once ... what's this about the WTC? where is it? what's this cloud of dust? What's this about the Pentagon? what does all this have to do with planes? Had all of that hit me at once. First thing, I thought, "Oh god, we're going to war" :( Then I thought, it's "September 11, 2001" today. That rhymes with "December 7, 1941". Then I thought, I ain't gonna stay here and watch TV all day, I'm going to work. This isn't going to deter me from getting my job done. So I took the train and then the bus to work. Looked at people and wondered if they knew what had happened. Got some breakfast at the supermarket...still have the receipt. Finally arrived at my workplace (where, incidentally, Condaleeza Rice worked at only a year or two earlier) and there was police tape everywhere. Turned out that there was a bomb threat called in. So there was no work to go to. So I went to my office nearby and tried to get some schoolwork done. But I kept googling the news and wasted the day in irc chatting about it. I was in NYC just a little over two months earlier. I had one free day and I thought of going down to the WTC to take some pictures. But I thought, nah, I'm go there next time. So I went to the movies and saw "Pearl Harbor". Kind of ironic. I also thought about the whole deja vu I felt about the whole thing. It's kind of weird to talk about, but yeah there was a lot of deja vu. Plus it affected me deeply in that I had recurring nightmares about it for over two years. I'll spare the details but I seemingly dreamt and experienced almost every permutation of 9/11 you can think of.

    Interesting that this is the first 9/11 anniversary that falls on a Tuesday. Guess the next time it will happen will be in 2012.

  • changeling

    I was in my bedroom ironing a blouse to wear in FS, while watching the Today Show. My daughter was in the shower getting ready for school. I called my daughter and told her to watch the TV with me. We stood in front of the TV with our mouths open. I turned to my daughter and said: "This means war The US will go to war against whoever did this."

    I cancelled my service plans and stayed home glued to the TV.

  • free2beme

    Woke up for an early morning physical therapy appointment and turned on the news and honestly wondered, "What movie is this?" Unfortunately it was not.

  • yknot

    I was driving my then 2 year old daughter to wee-tumble. Stopped at the last light in our town. I was stunned. I silently prayed for those whose lives where destroyed buy such an act of hate. Then my brain immediately switched to the reality of the US economy and remembered the after effects of war in the modern era. Money. I thought how stupid this group was, in its efforts to take something down, they had instead stirred it up. The war was unavoidable, men never know how to back down.


  • WT=watchtrouble

    I remember being in my final year of high school. I was studying for exams as had an exam block the next week. It was in the evening here and I was in complete shock. Don't know how we all got thru exams but we did. It is something that will never leave your mind.

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