Where were you when the planes hit?

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  • Sassy

    my friend (at the time.. I was still a dub) angie called me.. she woke me up and asked me if I knew what happened? Being in Cali, it was earlier when the first plane hit.. I turned on the news.. dumbstruck..

    then I went to work..

    we found out the president (at the time)'s brother was on the 15th floor.. and one of my coworkers cousins was in one of the towers too...

    they sent us home from work in case LA was another Target.. so I headed home and Simplesally.. (who was also still a dub then) invited me to come down to the OC to be with her.. rather than be alone..

    after all.. we never knew if Armegeddon could be triggered at any time you know.. so we watched the tv together.....

    fyi.. the presidents brother survived the fall to the ground from the 15th floor.. my friend/co workers cousin did not

  • Scully

    It was a beautiful late summer Tuesday morning. I was at my desk admiring the clear blue cloudless sky through the open window, the fresh air and sunshine lending a pleasant glow to my upbeat mood. I was checking my email - the night before I'd signed up on my high school alumni website and had just received an email from the guy who was my first crush ever when we were both 6 years old. I turned on the TV and flipped through the channels and saw the report on CNN and saw the first tower smouldering. At first they thought it had been a small plane, a terrible accident.

    I watched, horrified, as the second jet slammed into the other tower. Immediately, I knew it was no accident.

  • forsharry

    I was in program training with military personnel and contractors in the Hampton Roads area. I'm assuming after the plane it the Pentagon (we were unaware of any of the WTC towers being hit being in a secure comp. lab), everyone's pagers went nuts and we were forced to break for a few minutes so everyone could check in with their superiors and such. Half the training class had to leave immidiately to report back to base, and then everything began to lockdown. (I worked as a graphic designer in contract to the majority of the military base papers in the region.)

    For awhile there was a huge fear that we (as in Norfolk) could be a target as well because of the concentration of military bases in the area and the largest navy base, very limited ways to get in and out of the city (underwater tunnels)...but thankfully that fear was alleviated rather quickly once all of the flights had been grounded and/or accounted for.

  • FlipThis

    My family and I had just crossed the Triborough Bridge.

    We were looking at the Manhattan skyline and mentioning that we thought it was the best view of the city.Getting on the L.I.E., we missed seeing the first plane hit by a split second...

    One thing I learned; the closer you are to a catastrophe, the less you know.

    We thought we were being bombed. I punched the gas and went as fast as I could. Of course we were on Long Island, so I'm not sure where I thought I was going....

    It was an insane day...

  • FlipThis
    fyi.. the presidents brother survived the fall to the ground from the 15th floor.. my friend/co workers cousin did not

    He survived the building collapse?

  • skeeter1

    I was at work, in my office, in an all day meeting with an outside person. Everyone knew we were working on a deadline. So as not to disturb us, a co-worker e-mailed me that "a plane hit the WTC". I looked at it, and dissed it as a small plane..so what. Then, same co-worker e-mails me that "another plane hit the other WTC..smells like terrorists." I read it, and did not immediately act on it. We were really, really busy on a deadline. But, it bothered me for a few minutes, and I said to the person in my office, "I think we better go to the break room & check out the TVs." We left my office (which was on the corner of the building) and walked to the break room in the exact center of our building. No one was in their office or in their cubes. The whole place of about 800 people were deserted. I remember thinking WTF? It wasn't this building that was hit.

    We found the workforce....all were in the breakroom, with mouths wide opened, crowded around a small tv. That event changed our deadline and the company forever.

    A friend of mine was on a plane to Los Angeles when the attacks happened. He was diverted to Memphis. The captain gave no explanation as the plane landed. They found out once in the terminal.


  • bikerchic

    OMG FlipThis, so close that must have been horrifying to watch IRL! I couldn't imagine.

    I'll never forget that day. I was off that Tuesday and sleeping in. I had the habit of turning on the TV in my bedroom and slowly wake up. Well that morning the Chanel was on the Today Show and I heard Katie Couric and Matt Lauer talking.....it sounded surreal and they were upset, not knowing what was going on either. I sat up, rubbed my eyes, then opened them just in time to see the second plane hit the second Tower. I thought it was a bad dream I was horrified and immediately started crying really loud too I think my neighbors heard me!

    When I finally composed myself the phone was ringing I can't remember who it was that time as it rang all day, family, friends and workmates calling. I do remember I got on the Internet and went to two web sites, this one and my usual hang out a bike site. I sat there going through the two sites reading all the personal experiences of some of my friends who were right there at ground zero or were supposed to be there that day but for some reason didn't go to the Twin Towers.

    Man I was in a daze for days and every year it comes flooding back to me the horror of it all. I cry every year I'll never forget how horrible that was to watch and I couldn't imagine seeing it IRL. My heart goes out to all those who lost friends, family and loved ones that day and those who are still suffering the effects of illness from recovery work at ground zero.

  • skeeter1

    The difference between Africa and the WTC bombing are that AMERICANS GIVE MILLIONS AND HAVE GIVEN BILLIONS TO AFRICANS & AFRICAN GOVERNMENTS whereas the Muslims HATE us.

    The problems with Africa stem back to Europe, when the European powers carved up the dark continent from their arm chairs while smoking cigars over a table with a map of Africa and little knowledge of the people of the dark continent. Tribes of people were suddenly placed in "countries" with other tribes they did not know or like. Take Sudan, for instance. Think Sudan's boundaries were set by Sudanese? The north of the country is Muslim and the south of the country are African tribes? Compound the border problem with corrupt African government officials. I'm going to say something very true (but those who have not read on the subject will find it disturbing).....African governments NEED pictures of starving people in order to GET MORE AID so they can steal the aid to put in their bank accounts in Switzerland. See Southern Rhodesia/Zimbabwe as just one example. Read the book "The Fate of Africa: Fifty Years of Independence" by Martin Meredith. We are not the cause of Africa's modern day troubles, Africa is the cause of its troubles. We just keep pouring our money there, so to make our guilty souls feel better, so the Robert Mudave can put our money in his Swiss bank account all the while snapping more pictures of hungry, Aids ridden people. (BTW, Africans think that a cure for Aids is to have sex with virgins. Many toddlers are raped for this "cure". The African governments do not educate the people.)

    The problems with the Muslim terrorists go back several hundred years. Read the book, "The Victory of the West: The Great Christian-Muslim Clash at the Battle of Lepanto" by Niccolo Capponi. A great many Muslims hate Christians. We are infidels. We are unclean. We are worldly. We are to be erradicated. We are to be killed for the glory of Allah. We are to be killed to cleanse the land. The Muslims do not care about our monetary aid to Africa.

    This is a day for September 11th. I find your comments on Africa disgusting, for the reasons given above.


  • BlackSwan of Memphis
    BlackSwan of Memphis

    Cleveland, OH.

    We were there for the John Lennon exhibit at the Rock n Roll hall of fame.

    Sept 10th we sat in the exhibit, this awesome awesome exhibit, featuring so much about peace and whatnot.

    The next morning we woke up to turn on the tv and find Hannah something to watch and saw this plane crash into a tower. Couldn't quite figure out what was going on. It was a replay of the first crash on GMA, I believe.

    Then a minute later, the second plane hit and we completely forgot about the toons.

    Cleveland was evacuated a couple hours later due to a plane remaining in the air that was heading that direction.

  • bigdreaux

    i was living in Denver at the time. i had worked the night before until 2 a.m. my mother called me to tell me. instead of worrying about the people in the towers, she starts to cry and preach to me that it was armageddon starting. i was inactive at the time. i was still in a dream state. i hung up on her, turned on my t.v. and watched in horror.

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