Cemeteries; They're not Just for Burying, Anymore.

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  • Quandry

    I love the title to your thread!!!!

  • Insomniac

    My town has some lovely cemetaries, with graves going back to the 1600's. One of my dear friends is a groundskeeper/gravedigger for the city cemetaries, and I've seen firsthand the hard work and devotion he pours into these places. They're immaculately tended, with beautiful landscaping, ponds, and winding pathways. It would seem a waste to only visit them on sad occasions!


    I've taken some lovely pictures of headstones and vaults at some cemeteries. They are peaceful, usually beautifully landscaped and I love the statues.

  • Barbie Doll
    Barbie Doll

    I don't go to cemetaries, that is for people that are dead. lol

  • knock knock
    knock knock

    :::::They're immaculately tended, with beautiful landscaping, ponds, and winding pathways. It would seem a waste to only visit them on sad occasions!:::::

    So, like a picnic would be good?? ;)

  • hubert
    I was thinking about going along and 'blacking' out the wording. What do you guys think?

    Shell, sorry to bust your bubble, but I think that's called "defacing/vandalism". It could put you in the clinker.


  • horrible life
    horrible life


    This is my town's cemetery. My husband played ball as a young teenager there. For over 65 years, there has been a member of my husbands family, on the board, including my husband at the present.

    It is the nicest place to walk. A circle around the cemeteries outer boarders, is a mile, of shaded roads. In the evenings, it is full of walkers.

    Anybody who comes into town, is taken to see its famous tenants. We are Circus City USA. Please take a look at the link, you will be surprised who all we have, and the awesome headstones. The rodeo and circus stones are worth seeing.

    Anybody remember Lane Frost, Freckles Brown, Buster Brown????? We got em!!!

  • horrible life
    horrible life

    I almost forgot, "The Marlboro Man" . The very first Marlboro Man. Although he isn't dead. He quit smoking. LOL But his stone is very large. He still has his rugged good looks, and is a wonderful guy. If not for a blind date with my now husband, the Marlboro Man and I, would be related.

  • AntiPode

    A ghoulish crime wave in the Venezuelan capital supplies a black magic cult whose popularity is fueled by faith and politics.

    Apparently in Caracas, Venezuela cemetaries hold booty for grave robbers:


    A priest describes the situation:

    He said that graves in the city's largest cemetery are robbed every night, and it's getting worse.

    The buyers of the bones are paleros, the practitioners of a black magic cult related to Santeria whose rise in popularity here is fueled by a strange brew of faith and politics.

    And how about this for getting away from the mundane:

    On a recent day, the cemetery was the scene of a macabre ritual that has become a regular occurrence whenever a young gang member is buried, Gonzalez said. It provided another example of the lawlessness here.

    During the funeral procession for a 25-year-old gunshot victim, friends suddenly halted the cortege and removed the corpse from the coffin to give it one last joy ride around the cemetery on the back of a buddy's motorcycle.

    As a final homage before burial, the dead man was given a 30-gun salute -- from pistols fired by his pals. One of the bullets punctured the umbrella of Father Gonzalez, who officiated at the burial.

  • Snoozy

    My grandson who just turned 17 took a girl from his school to a graveyard..they wanted to conjur up a "Spirit". It was quite funny..they took a lighter..some incense and flowers..they lit the incense and then chanted for some spirits to show up. They even took pictures of each other by gravestones..funny thing..the pictures have a funny mark in them...like a cloud or something..he really loved that, he thinks it is a ghost..

    So I guess that's the latest thing in things for teens to do. At least they aren't vandalizing. I believe they even got some kind of credit at school for writing about it.

    When I die..all the family graves will be forgotten. None of my kids seem interested in visiting them or seeing where they are.I have aunts, uncles,parents, grandparents,great grandparents, cousins..all will be forgotten.Sad isn't it..


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