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  • Orgull

    I was reading a novel in which a character who was a biblicar scholar gave reasons why he couldn't believe in the bible. One of the reasons was that he claimed the resurrection accounts in the four gospels are different. I immediately said, "No they're not. this guy doesn't know what he's talking about!" But just to be sure I went and read each gospel account of Jesus' resurrection and to my horror discovered that they are different.

    This led me to ask the question, "What else do I merely believe without having proven it to myself?" So I started reading and studying harder. The more I read and studied, the less the teachings of the WTS made sense to me. Evenutally I realized that my faith was borrowed, I'd never made "the truth" my own. Good thing too since it makes no sense at all when you really get down to it.

  • 5go

    I read the bible and realized maybe I should think about becoming a catholic.

    (Of course I am a history buff and the Catholic religion is all

  • jaguarbass

    The turning point for me was how dissappointing Armegedon was back in 75 and the new order that followed was even more dissappointing.

    I started to feel that 76 was just like 75 and these people were blowing smoke up my hiney.

  • fresia
    Sisters would not want me around, and they would tell me that it would change (it only got worse), and they told me to just meet other men (itself a reason for me to go apostate).

    Sorry but I don't understand what you mean by this. what do you mean they told you to meet other men? strange

  • MadTiger

    I came here, and found out that what I thought was a local problem was actually a global problem.

    Then, I found out about the pedophile protection plan (PPP), the Tacoma Parking Scandal, etc.

    I am a pagan now.

  • oompa

    Orgull-- Amen friend!

    The more I read and studied, the less the teachings of the WTS made sense to me.

    So many minor comments from FDS over the years that bugged me, went beyond the scriptures, or could not be proven, but I just kept putting them "on the shelf." Like the Daniel book saying "Really, Britain is an offshoot of Rome," I must have read a hundred pages of history to prove Britain was alive and well before Rome came and took over only half the place, and Britain was there when Rome left. You can not change history to make a prphecy fit what you want it to. Then, when I finally study and find the truth about something major to me, the NWT being bogus, the shelf comes crashing down.

    so much bull$hit!!!!!!!oompa

  • bluebell

    even though I was abused, it was the lack of love I was shown that made me walk away in the end.

  • flipper

    It was the gradual seeing of the mistreatment of normal publishers by the elders in congregations. The abuse of their authority was rampant, and having been raised in it from birth, believe me I saw a lot. But at age 44 the elders overstepped their boundaries in my personal life, that was the straw that broke the camel's back for me. I've been happier since leaving 4 years ago

  • Sarah Smiles
    Sarah Smiles

    My turning point was the old Jehovah Witness books, Catholic books, Jewish books, as well as historical, and other resources such as the book of Enoch.

    I started with a doctrine and researched the beginning of the doctrine. I realized most of the WTBTS borrowed from the Catholic who borrowed from the Jewish writings who borrowed from Cabala and other sources, book of Enoch.

    I had a friend who helped me research and I helped her with her research. The two or three gathered together in my name.

    Now who is the Faithfull slave who gave them meat at due seasons? Could it be Cabala or the book of Enoch.

  • Sobeit

    When I was16 years old (60 years ago), I could not make sense of the countdown for 1914, or their interpretation of Revelation; but stayed as I felt there much love exhibited in the organization. But 30 years later when asked by a social worker if my "religion" had nursing homes for their elderly, I was stunned to realize what other religions provided and mine had none for my dying mother. By then Knorr was president and need more be said?

    Up until the above, was an obedient, observant witness who thought that eventually the doctrine would be clear to me one day and the Watchtower would make sense; but that never happened. And then the treatment of many in the congregation who were experiencing difficulties made me feel that I did not want to be part of such an organization; better off in the world.

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