Disturbing news on the deaths of the 5 elders

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  • zack

    To be fair about the Life Insurance thing, the WTS does recommend people carry life insurance. Their reasoning? "Time and unforeseen occurrence befall us all." While some witnesses may consider having life insurance as a sign of weak faith, I never did see it in print from the WTS. And I am no fan of the WTS.

    The families suffer the most, of course. This accident has been much discussed in my still JW circles.

  • Stealth453

    This sickens me.

  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    Mary said, about me: jc, you're an asshole of the first order and it's nutcases like YOU that give apostates bad names. Thank you Mary, i'M sorry your didn't understand what I was trying to point out to my JW DAD, MAYBE if i said something like ie. one of the elders was a child molester. you would of figured it out? The fact OF it is this APOSTATE (SO CALLED NUT CASES) like me , that can handle a half a dozen jw elders/bethelites all by my self, and make all of them look like SPRITUAL DRUNKARDS IN 15 minutes. and if the topic i bring up is that many of these elders are WOMEN WHORES? THAT i know about PERSONALLY. AND THAT SOME OF THESES ELDER WHORES WHO THE WTS SAYS WERE APPOINTED BY THE HOLY SPRIT. ARE NOTHING BUT PIECES OF $HIT. And i can drag few C.O'S and bethelites and maybe some BUILDING PPL FROM KINGDOM SERVICES INTO THE ARGUEMENT. AND SHOW THE WTS IS FULL OF CRAP using my knowledge of the wts and the local jw's in know. then I guess your right I'm just a ASSHOLE OF THE FIRST ORDER. even though i enjoy your posts. i guess you will never reach the level of EXPOSING THE WTS as I have . best wishes , John the WT EXPOSER p>s> LET me put it this way; out of all the years me being here on JWD. out of all the 10,000's of stories. of active/faded jw's getting kicked the living $hit out of by jw family etc. I only see less than 100 or so posters out of 1000's that have any idea how to deal with jw's. i only give my experences and if i help one person here i've done my job. I coulde care less what some here think of me. most of them that cry about me. will never have my NERVE, OR KNOWLEDGE... TAKE THAT TO THE BANK . JOHN

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