6 Million People

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  • nvrgnbk
    reality seeds
    the brain still hears you

  • OnTheWayOut
    Now you indicat that 4% of the US population is JW.

    Perhaps you meant 0.4%, and that is rounded up.

    2000 Census indicated 281 million in the U.S. and it is estimated to be 308 million by 2010.
    That places us around 300 million now. 1/300 = 0.333333333333 %. Pretty insignificant.
    Worldwide, it's close to 0.1% of population- less significant.

  • worldtraveller

    Well there you go again. It's not my fault, it's one of those defective chinese calculators(and the decimal point is too small to read). But at least it's a better number. But is it maxed out???

  • OnTheWayOut
    But is it maxed out???

    Even if it is not maxed out in total numbers (it is expected to grow some),
    it is not keeping up with population growth. The percentage is getting smaller.
    Just as 6 million Jews were a vast number in the 1940's, and smaller in significance
    now, the number of JW's is growing more and more insignificant.

  • Frequent_Fader_Miles

    Can you imagine how distressing life in "Paradise" will be with such a small group having to rebuild the destroyed world? And to make things worse, they will have to do it without the necessary technology, since all educated people will be D.E.A.D. Why doesn't the FDS portray THAT in the publications.

  • worldtraveller

    Even though the percentage is shrinking, just remember that it took only 1 person to create a holocaust.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Wordtraveller, I am not sure if we are on the same page, so let me state my position.

    All lives are important. 6 million is a VERY SIGNIFICANT NUMBER to me, but I don't
    believe the JW's are big enough for the majority of the planet to really care about them.

    Every single life is important. I hope the ex-JW's succeed in telling the world what's
    going on. I hope some big scandal brings down the WT. Short of that, I hope people
    learn what a terrible cult they are, and their numbers keep shrinking.

    A few hundred people die, and the world notices. A terrible future could be in store for
    the members of the WTS, but the world won't notice as long as most members are
    willing members, and the deaths from their policies are isolated. Even a crazed
    JW in a Kingdom Hall would be forgotten shortly after his killing spree.

    You said: "just remember that it took only 1 person to create a holocaust. "
    I think we both are together on this. I don't mean to minimize with trivial data.
    I just feel that many JWD reader/posters don't understand why HUGE events
    are really not so huge to everyone outside of JW's/former JW's.

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