Are you still under mind control?

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  • BFD

    It would takw more than 2 weeks, ibeme. This link is surley just the tip of the iceberg. I was surprised to find a JW connection to this secret society.


  • oompa

    SweetStuff says:

    Hey Oompa, have you watched Loose Change? I agree with Ninja, the evidence is very substantial. A good reason for doing it, what was put into place after 911 happened? Martial law. The freedoms written down on the Declaration of Independence no longer exist. The government gained an extreme amount of power over the american people unheard of previously. A person can be detained without the normal rights they would have had previously.

    I have not seen Loose Change. Sorry to hear there Martial Law in Canada as I have not seen in here in USA, but we did have to stop flying for a few days and now it is a still a pain in the @ss! I still see and feel the freedoms of the Declaratioln of Independence. The US government has always had a ton of power over people, especially the IRS. If the government has ever really wanted you, they have found a way to detain you or make you dissapear. Me and most other Americans can see absolutely zero difference in daily life before 911 and after. We can still go just about anywhere in the world, say anything, and do anything.

    not in Cuba.....oompa

  • oompa

    Anti-Christ says:

    Simple, to create fear and to control. Look at all the new laws the U.S. is creating, laws that before would have never been accepted by the people. Slowly people are going to give up certain freedoms out of fear. Yes this is costing a lot but in the long run it will pay big time.

    And just what is the reason to create fear and control, when that does not make anyone rich. We are Capitalists! I am also wondering how Bushie could have gotten these diaper-heads to cooperate with the enemy so completely.

    it's gotta make sense....oompa

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