How good are your SOCIAL SKILLS?

by nicolaou 24 Replies latest social relationships

  • bigdreaux

    what got me over being shy, yes, i used to be very shy, was the thought that, while i am worrying what the other person is thinking about me, they are worrying what i think of them. after you realise this, it's much easier.

  • nicolaou

    I don't want to blame EVERYTHING on the borg but it seems that those who were really invested in the Watchtower, who believed it and, dare I say, even enjoyed it at times are the ones who have the most trouble adjusting to life on the 'outside'. My wife only ever went to meetings and got baptised to please her Mum and Dad. Doctrines and beliefs were meaningless to her and now she's doing better outside of the organisation than I am - even though it was me who fought and struggled to free my family in the first place.

    God, the black dog's got me tonight.

  • nicolaou

    I sometimes think that too much time spent here can be a hindrance to developing good social skills in the 'real world'. I know, I know. The internet is part of the real world but you get what I mean. It's just so easy to plonk yourself in front of the PC and take your time to compose a post. Not only that but to keep interacting with others whose history is so similar to your own can be stunting. Sure, we need each other when we're on our way out and recovering, it's good that we're here for each other but isn't there a time to let go? I haven't felt this shitty for long time.

  • Dorktacular

    I can count all of my friends on one hand. I guess my social skills suck

  • JK666

    Mine are great when I want to be on my best behavior.

    If I am with a jerk and I just don't care - watch out!

    I once asked my girlfriend's ex-husband (Deadbeat dad) if he knew the difference between him and a pizza? I said a pizza could feed a family of four!


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