All right, which one of you guys did it?

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  • RisingEagle

    (j/k but I do wish to subscribe to your newsletter)

    I had an interesting dinner conversation a few evenings ago with my staunch jw 'rental unit. It started out with the usual small talk that eventually led to them bringing up the plane crash with the RBC members. I cut in and told them I had already heard about it over the weekend and filled in some details they were missing (In my first post on JWD I mentioned how much I love this website because I get information way before my deeply involved jw relatives even get their grapevine going). That brought on a full 30 second sulk until they remembered something I could have no way of knowing and was said loud enough to freeze everyone at a 5 table radius:

    "Sister So-and-so from XXX congregation said THE APOSTATES HAVE INFILTRATED THEIR PHONE LINES!"

    I was about to snicker out loud until a well placed shin-kick from Mrs. Eagle brought me back from near Valhalla. "Apostates? Really!?" small snicker, thigh pinch, "Um, how would they get into the phone lines?" They didn't know but said that XXX congregation could not transmit talks over the phone line. I was a little giddy so I asked what kinds of things the ‘apostates’ were transmitting. They replied, "I don't know that! Whatever they want! But isn't it great that jehovah allowed the elders to catch it before it did any damage!"

    I managed to make it to the men's room before laughing out loud. I still laugh when I think of them using the word 'infiltrate'.

    (Disclaimer: I do not condone sabotage of privately owned property and feel that those who do such acts should be punished by being forced to drink disgusting-tasting hard liquor. In point of fact, I so abhor such actions that I would buy the disgusting-tasting hard liquor to be forced on the offender or offenders.)

  • PEC

    Dubs are clueless.


  • changeling

    I'm no longer a dub and I'm still clueless!


  • eclipse

    You all know it was me

  • Twitch

    Alright, ya got me, I can't deny it. It was Eclipse

  • eclipse

    Twitch, I Hope your lines are tamper proof

  • Twitch

    Twitch, I Hope your lines are tamper proof

    Probably not. I could be under surveillance as we speak, but we in Canada don't have the Patriot Act,.....

    But the notion spoken of by the dubs in question is absurd. *shakes his head*

  • Honesty

    What a bunch of poor deluded people.

    They are always looking for the Boogie Man that is out to take them away from Jehover's organization.

  • KW13

    You should of told them to tone it down a bit when they shouted that out, remember Walls have ears.

  • fresia


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