We are new here. Hi everybody.

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  • Threestars
    I got my balls tampered with by a geezer.

    That is really sick!! Is this true?

    Well, if they check out the guys' stuff then I'm sure they might just do a check on the girls.


    I remember reading about how in the late fifties the women's colleges like Wellesley made all their applicants got their picture taken from the waist up--nude--as part of the admissions procedure. Supposedly for "health" reasons.(haha, yeah, right!) Since Bethel is approximately 60 years behind the times as far as basic human rights and decency then I can believe just about anything.

    Maybe the female Bethel applicants have to have a gynocological exam like Princess Dianna had to have prior to her marriage with Charles. And maybe they even take pictures!!! Maybe the good ole boys in the GB pore over these pictures on lonely nights...oh, I digress. Sorry. Of course not!

  • Twitch
    Why don't you guys bring your entire congregation next time you log on.

    Welcome yous guys.

  • greendawn

    Welcome, that virginity test sound too outlandish to be true. Don't they accept non virginal women eg some that lost their virginity in their pre JW days?

    If this test was on we would know it by now.

  • Cellist

    Welcome to the board.


  • Undecided

    They wouldn't have this test because they wouldn't get any applicants to Bethel.

    Ken P.

  • mouthy

    You must be talking about the "NEW BOY & NEW GIRL" talk,they had when everyone went to Bethel... Paul Blizzard, Joan Cetnar talked about it. It was such a graphic talk ---if the newbies went red, they were virgins, Didnt matter about the boys,

    If your trolling, welcome. If your not, Welcome also. We like the fact some truths are going in your eyes, & reaching your brain,,,,,,,,You might be able to help others who are also trapped....

    Mouthy/Granny/ Grace
    GOUGH's The name >apostate fame!!!!!& VERY PROUD OF IT!!!!!!!!

  • memario

    WELCOME ootb! Enjoy the board!


  • Anti-Christ

    Bienvenu! No there is no "virgin test" but they do ask a lot a personal questions. I was never at Bethel but a lot of my friends went and there is no such thing. I know that they are good at asking very personal questions in and out of Bethel, when I was getting married the jackass who married us ask a lot of stupid questions, I know there is no stupid questions just stupid people. Anny way, the jackass elder started asking us a lot of personal questions about sex and all, like we are going to answer " oh yea, we had a lot of sex before marriage" it's like the "are you a terrorist" question at the airport, like someone is going to answer yes.

  • moomanchu

    welcome, out of da box.

    May we call you Legion LOL.

  • LeslieV

    Welcome, and how many of you are in the box?


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