Japan closes 638 Congregations!!!!! Why???

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  • 5go
    The Japanese are a very intelligent people with a high tech society. They value politeness, but maybe they're not as compliant as in the past.

    They have been through the cult thing on a national scale. So they know just to leave if find they find they are in one.

    Also they have very high property values there country wide. So they maybe combining more than elsewhere.

  • Sunspot
    I think Jim_TX and SNG have good points. The younger generation is not going with the program, especially males. Whatever the reason, it is a fascinating statistic.

    Yup....I agree with them too....and I DO remember U.S. JWs being held up in comparison to our "Japanese brothers" who were said to be very compliant and humble. I recall being told at various times many years ago, in public talks and assemblies that THEY heard what they were expected to do----and DID IT--- without question. It was always given hearty applause and a resolve to "do better" in this regard.

    Guess the Japanese got tired of being so compliant without seeing any gains......

  • daniel-p
    This trend has been dying off now and has been for the last several years, just like any trend. True, now in Japan, there are young folk wearing a cross on a chain around their neck or even have one tatooed somewhere on their body. Perhaps cross earrings. But no interest in Christianity. The cross symbol is now a trend. That too will fade away.

    You think this trend was part of the Japanese fascination with Western culture? On another note, I think Japan's publisher decline is a compressed harbinger of what is happening in the US. A hyper-industrialized society with too much information and too educated for its own good. Of course, this only means the growth in the US will increasingly lean toward minority groups and the South, but even then - everyone has the internet now and secondary education is increasing accross the board. The government (and parents in general) have ensured mediocrity among primary education - it's only with secondary education where youths are encouraged to think both critically and for themselves. I think in general, the US is following Japan's trend, but it will play out over a much longer period of time due to a high rate immigration.

  • DannyHaszard

    The Japanese are smart people,so are Jews & Arabs & Latinos & Brits & French & Italian.........

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Mexico and Italy have also gone flat! They were booming years ago. Now not much boom left in any contries. It will be hard to get over the 7 Million publisher mark. It used to take only 3 years per million!

  • yaddayadda

    The number of pioneers has dropped off massively in Japan in recent years. It's mainly because the Japanese economy ain't what it used to be and less Japdubbies can afford to work part-time. The drop off in congregations, publishers is probably related to that also.

  • avengers
    Hey SNG - long time no here from - welcome back

    Same here. Where've you been dude? Thought you were gonna take a trip to Europe? Anyway me "casa su casa" still goes for anyone taking a trip to this side of the pond. Andy about the Japanese? I like the Japanese. They're polite, well mannered, and smart. no wonder they're leaving the Borg.

  • Hermano

    My guess is food poisoning from bad sushi.

  • steve2

    Yes, the number of Japanese JWs has been in decline for well over a decade. It's amazing to consider the stagnation since the mid 1990s, after the rapid earlier growth. The heyday of phenomenal growth of JWs in that country is long past.

    As another poster said, the proportion of female Japanese JWs is significantly higher than male Japanese JWs. Indeed, in Japan, religion is very much a female-dominated pursuit even more so than in Western countries.

    I think attributing the decrease to the internet lacks evidence. Are there any Japanese-language JW-based websites, especially those that question the Watchtower Society? My guess is that the Japanese have got over their initial fascination with the regimented JW lifestyle and have simply gone back to their own regimented lifestyles!

    It would be helpful to hear from any posters who are themselves Japanese or who know from firsthand contacts with Japanese JWs.

  • B_Deserter

    This isn't just Japan but most industrialized countries. The society struggles just to keep membership numbers flat here in the US, and general interest in religion is declining, especially in the countries of Scandinavia where the population majority is atheist. The JWs now only grow in 3rd world countries.

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