Did You Enjoy Listening to the Scriptures on Tape?

by prophecor 15 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • shell69

    I didnt like listening to it on tape, didnt like reading it, blah!!!



  • tfjw

    I never did enjoy listening to the tapes. Most of the time the proper names in Chronicles and other geneological listings were mispronounced and that bugged me more than just about anything. And some of the more dramatic ones, with musical accompaniment and sound effects was overkill and took away from any real enjoyment from listening to the "Scriptures".

    When listening to wt on tape I felt I was a judge at a talent show tryout.

  • funkyderek
  • shopaholic

    My mind would wonder on the bible reading tapes but I did enjoy listening to the dramas on type.

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    Pharoah sounded like Daniel Sydlic and the Bible reader on those tapes sounded like a snooty Bostonian (no offence to non-snooty Bostonians). He seemed to read through his nose in a conceited accent. He didn't sound at all like he was enjoying reading the scriptures as he seemed to read in a monotone like from a medical journal. BORING! Could hardly stand hearing his rendition of how the Bible should be read. No excitement, nothing to enjoy.

  • Shawn10538

    I used them 24/7 to try and keep my mind off of sex.

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