If They Weren't a Cult Before.....

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  • startingovernow

    Thanks for getting back. Does anyone know how they can enforce the following:

    All answers to the nonsense questions must come only from the paragraph and the conductor and the commentors can only use scriptures that are cited in the paragraph.

    I can see the conductor doing it, but to expect the audience? How does that happen without shaming/embarrassing people?

    And ATJeff, I sent you a PM

  • AllTimeJeff
    How does that happen without shaming/embarrassing people?

    LOL! Well, if shame and embarrasment don't work, indoctrination will. Most elders will have a local needs which discusses how commenting should be done....

    *rolling eyes at the borg* yes, they want to tell you how you should express your personal expressions...

  • Quirky1

    They wanna keep everyone with that deer in the headlights look..

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