Faith vs Accurate Knowledge

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  • writetoknow


    Analogy: people that date online there is a process that they go through usually. First they gather as much information about the other person, that is. 1.) to see if they are compatible, and 2.) to protect themselves from a bad date or entering into a bad relationship.

    Once both people have gain enough knowledge they will meet first by phone then in a date. Gaining of knowledge is the first step to the relationship if there are no red flags the second date will be arranged and so on…

    Over a period of time through association “personal” association they both will come to an accurate knowledge of the other person this may take years.

    Without a personal association there is no accurate knowledge of the other person. Jehovah’s Witnesses have the knowledge of God but not the personal association with Him or His Son. In other words, they have gather information to find out about Christ and Jehovah, but they never gone on the date to move the relationship to knowing them personally.

    The description for them is the so-called labeling “knowing God” as “accurate knowledge” believing that this is a personal relationship with God and His Son required though Holy Spirit. The self-deception grows as their knowledge of scriptures increase to the point they can win most arguments regarding basic bible doctrine.

    To run the analogy further, it as if you continually gather facts about the person you want to date until you are burden with facts and it creates a fear of every meeting the person in person. But when someone ask you about the person you command a great deal of facts about them convincing people you actually know them personally. That is why when Jehovah’s Witnesses find something that contradicts their facts it is devastating to their faith in the GB

    They have moved no further then an attorney does with law, that is, they know the law that their client is under but they are divorced of personal relationship because it is against attorney rules to get involved with their clients.

    Subsequently, the governing body of Jehovah’s Witnesses have forbidden them from getting involved with God through His Holy Spirit. Moreover, their so called accurate knowledge convince them it would be a sin to accept the Holy Spirit as required of the anointed class represented by their governing body.

    They are confound and confused when someone can act out of faith for God without having to go to a legal book to see if their act of faith is legal.

  • Perry
    Without a personal association there is no accurate knowledge of the other person.

    I like the way your mind is working.

    I would just point out that the impossibility of a relationship with God is the picture the bible presents. A relationship cannot even begin until a person makes his peace with God. Sin makes us his mortal enemy.

    Instead of dating lovers, Jesus presents our condition in relation to God in terms of waring armies.

    Luke 14: 31-32

    Or what king, going to make war against another king, sitteth not down first, and consulteth whether he be able with ten thousand to meet him that cometh against him with twenty thousand? 32 Or else, while the other is yet a great way off, he sendeth an ambassage, and desireth conditions of peace.

    Christ is the King with the "twenty thousand troops". We are the king (of our own ways) with but few troops. We'll never be able to pass judgement day because we ourselves have passed judgement on others for the same things we've done. We're guilty of that and much more.

    So, what are His conditions for peace? Simple, all of it. "Suicide" is his stated terms for peace. Because "suicide" is against our nature and fundamental to survival, God must provide for this ability...... there is no other way.

    Just as the waring "Kings" can begin a relationship only after peace has been made, we can only begin a relationship with God after we "die" to ourselves and are re-born to live by faith. Then it's real, we see God working in our hearts and minds and we know for an absolute certainity not only God's existence, but also how God works in many ways. Trust is built up over time. He crafts us into the image of his Son. Unlike the WT experience, a person can literally track God's work within himself. This is called sanctification. And, it is phenomenal.

    No amount of book knowledge can teach this, nor should it.

  • writetoknow

    Perry absoluate correct your post are wonderful and full of faith. A condition of freedom given through the Holy Spirit. Peace with God well stated very few of Jehovah's Witnesses experience that peace. The constant wrangling in their own thoughts ought to bear witnesses that something is wrong.

    Thank you for your wonderful post

  • Perry

    Wished I could take the credit writetoknow.

  • writetoknow

    Exactly Perry - It so much simpler that way.

  • fresia

    the hebrew scriptures ask the same question "Why do bad things happen to good people and Why do good things happen to bad people" basically thats it, and then Jesus comes along, does he answer that question ? does he help to become reconciled with God and have peace with God.

    Think about Josiah and what a wonderful king he was his devotion to God and his righteousness his cleaning out the temple, the life he had with his brutal father Amon and then then after Mannasah repents brings Josiah up in Gods ways and after all that King Josiah gets murdered, why, the bible doesn't say. Then you have a completely different picture of King David, he commits adultry murderers, lies schemes, ext; his first born dies, those of his houshold suffer dreadfully because of what unfaithful David did, yet God sees fit to have Jesus come through his and bath-shebas lineage. David of course the bible says is repentant. Point is what about Josiah and what happened to him, why does God protect some and others he doesn't, this is a basic question that runs right through the hebrew scriptures, peace brother.

  • monophonic

    thanks abbagail, checking it right now....and my milton is coming in the mail as we speak, a really beat up copy of paradise lost w/ all the art that usually runs $150, i got for way cheaper....can't wait to sketch the art dore did for that.

    this is all started from the second novel i'm working on, which wasn't going to have religious themes, well, the character has moved there on his now i gotta keep up with him.

  • zack

    The scripture from the Greek doesn't say "accurate knowledge", at least not in the Kingdon Interlinear. It says "know"--- the emphasis on knowledge is as you say, accurate in as much as the GB approves and provides. This is why they are so heinous. They have assigned themselves the role of gatekeeper to the Father and the Son.

  • writetoknow

    I agree their is a legalistic veiw of knowledge and their is a personal view of knowledge in the sence of knowing someone personally as a friend.

    The society focused all emphasis on "accurate knowledge", thus, implying that a legalistic knowledge of God is what is required.

    Again this make much sence, in that, most not all Witnesses have no spiritual personal relationship with God it is a so called accurate knowledge through GB.

    That accurate knowledge makes them inactive to serving God once leaving the group. The group was the driving force behind their service to God, not love of God or the Spirit of God. As clearly stated in the bible those building their house upon sandy soil the crash would be great so great for some they find it impossible to believe their is a God.

    Other had a personal relationship with God and His Holy Spirit their service goes on their love for God grows... thus, they love the freedom!

    And this was the point of this post.

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