How would you answer this jw?

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    Trev..He believes your the one trapped in the cult called "The outside world"..Any one outside the WBT$ is brainwashed into Worldly`ve been away from God`s Organization so long you`ve lost your "Tard"..You need to get to a Kingdom Hall now!..And..Get "Re-Tarded".....LOL!!...OUTLAW

  • Dagney

    I would say JW's are both.

    Definitely "trapped" by the culture, and the lack of freedom to question. Imagine (sounds absurd to me now), not being able to just question a line of thinking or you will be branded an infidel, lose your friends and family...that seems "trapped" to me.

    "Deluded" to the extent you believe, maybe.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Sweetstuff said

    I would answer that with a question. I would simply ask him, not sure, which one do you think you are?

    I am going with that. At first I thought,
    "Well that all depends. If you don't agree that it's a cult, then you are deluded.
    If you have discovered the cult for what it is, and remain in it, then you must somehow be trapped."

    But I like Sweetstuff's just putting it back on him to answer.


    Trev..Ask him why he is an organization with so many scandels..Ask him what he is personally doing to correct the mistakes of the WBT$..Then tell him what would happen to him,if he did try to bring the WBT$ to Justice...OUTLAW

  • Mum

    Many JW's are trapped because they don't want to lose contact with their families - not just the mental stuff.

  • Twitch

    "Does it matter what I think? As long as nobody gets hurt with your beliefs, I have no problem with it,....."

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