The Recommend a Song Thread

by KW13 33 Replies latest jw friends

  • KW13

    Recommend a Song or some Songs for your Fellow JWD peeps to try!

    I've tried to cover various tastes.


    Tatu - All the things She said

    Simon and Garfunkel - The Sound of Silence

    Beatles - Saw her Standing There

    Oasis - The importance of being Idle

    Elvis Presley - Promised Land

    Eminem - Dream On

    Freddie Mercury - Living on my Own (Faster more upbeat Version)

  • worldtraveller

    My Jw bud and I were listening to a song called "Still haven't found what I've been looking for" By U2 I believe. He hated it so much he turned off the radio. Not sure if it was the message that pissed him off!!

  • jaguarbass

    Uno Mundo by Buffalo Springfield.


    The Logical Song by Cheap Trick (Breakfast in America album)

    Rain King by Counting Crows

    She Talks to Angels by The Black Crows

    Fear by Sarah MacLaughlan

    Forgiveness by Don Henley

  • educ8self

    LOL World, that would make sense..

    I posted it in a separate thread a while back, but Take Me Home and Love is Silent by this guy:

  • Gopher
    The Logical Song by Cheap Trick (Breakfast in America album)

    The group was actually Supertramp.


    Damn Gopher, why you always gotta be correcting me?

    LOL You know, I almost looked it up because I had a brain freeze surely caused by enjoying the 70's way too much.

  • Twitch

    Radiohead - Karma Police

    Smashing Pumpkins - Today

    The Who - 905

    U2 - Acrobat

    REM - It's the End of the World (and I Feel Fine)

    Pink Floyd - Pigs on the Wing (Parts I & II)

    Modest Mouse - Float On

    King's X - It's Love

    The Fixx - Outside

    The Dust Brothers - This is Your Life

    Blue Oyster Cult - Veteran of the Psychic Wars

    Filter - Take a Picture

    Ben Harper - Burn One Down

  • zeroday

    Plumb "In my Arms" bimbo jones radio edit...

  • KW13

    Keep them coming, i will try them this week on my computer when its not....**looks at clock** 3am lol.

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