Great photo - JW wife with assault rifle

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  • Jourles

    Some days I just can't figure her out. At first it was CoC and now it is *questionable* weapons. A friend of mine from volleyball invited my jw wife and I out to go shooting. He has quite a few guns and he brought three of them for us to try out. For those who didn't already know, my wife is a staunch jw and is very active. I just thought I HAD to share this photo of her shooting an AR-15 assault rifle. I bet you don't see these types of pics all too often - jw sisters with this type of gun, that is.

    My friend and I were both surprised. She is a hell of a shot.

  • JH

    That picture should be on the front page of a Watchtower...... but I wonder what title would go with it....hehe

  • looking_glass
    She is a hell of a shot

    We're all a great shot, hence the reason for the JW boyz not wanted their womenz to have guns!

  • JH


  • Jourles
    That picture should be on the front page of a Watchtower.

    "Tools we can use to help Jesus at Armageddon"


    "Keeping your eye on the prize -- $10k bounty for each confirmed apostate kill"

  • TD

    Women make amazing shots with very little practice. She looks very comfortable with it.

  • BrentR

    Great pic! If you try to fiqure out JW logic you will get a headache. I had the elder Nazi's visit me just because I bought an 1844 black powder pistol back when I was still "in". They encouraged me to not have an implement of war in my house. So I sold it to my JW sister for 1 cent and then she inturn leased it back to me for 1 cent. The next meeting I told them I sold it.

  • changeling

    I wonder what she'd do to you if she knew you posted her picture on an apostate site?


  • OnTheWayOut

    Here is a target photo, no sense in taking the heart out because it isn't there. Aim for the head.


    Jourles..Your wife?..I thought you were Gay..What a dumb-ass!..I must have mixed you up with somebody else..LOL!!....Anyway..If that girl can control an automatic weapon you got yourself a keeper..I want a woman with a machine gun too!..Machine Gun 2..LOL!!...OUTLAW

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