Any famous relatives?

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  • Dragonlady76

    My husbands father was locally famous for being a good american, he was a frequent guest of Johnny Carson.

  • IP_SEC

    I am Bob Dylans illegitimate son. Dont think twice, its alright.

  • Mulan

    My grandmother was a cousin of Grover Cleveland. She never met him though.

    My mother is a 3rd cousin to one of Princess Diana's great grandmothers.

    One of my ancestors was Samson Occum, the first Native American Christian minister in an Indian nation. Whoo woo!!

    Oh, and my great grandfather, Charles Strong, was the Mayor of Red Bluff, California in the 20's I think. Another, Whoo woo!

  • orbison11

    apparently my grandaughter is linked to the polish king/queen of the early 1900's who were banished, etc,,,and then murdered

    they were of polish heritage


  • calico

    Yes, but I can't tell.

  • Twitch

    Shania Twain is my 2nd cousin

    Never met her though.

  • horrible life
    horrible life

    I told in another thread, related to former president James Bucannan. Don't tell 5go, he didn't like him. LOL Also said to be related to the outlaws, Jesse and Frank James.

    My husband is the former mayor of our town. Some people still call him Mayor. Famous????

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Well, I'm my own brother.

  • Deputy Dog
    Deputy Dog

    Does Adam & Eve count?

  • Honesty

    The JW's around these parts say that I am Satan's spawn.

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