Did the time come when it became unbearable to walk in the Kingdom Hall?

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  • dobbie

    hooray i've finally worked out what nvrgnbk stands for

    I'd always found it hard to walk through the door to be honest, though much of it at first was a confidence issue. Sometimes i get to the door and turn back and go home. The last time i went a 'brother' was so rude and sarcastic to me when i went to get the mags that it was the final straw as far as meetings were concerned. Then when they tried the 'your children will be killed because of you' emotional blackmail on me it was the last straw and i knew i'd had enough.

  • Highlander

    Oh boy do I remember. It was a slow process, but that unbearable feeling was soon too much to ignore.

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    Yes. I tried to at least attend sporadically, just to keep them off my back, but I just didn't have the stomache for it any longer. It got to the point where it was no longer just the material, it was the people, with all their fake smiles and disingenuous greetings. The last few times I went, I just kept asking myself, "Why am I subjecting myself to this?"

  • KW13

    Dont want to go back but if it was necessary then easily.

  • zack

    The "special Talk" this year was the last meeting for me. Actually, I only stayed for the talk. I could not stomach to stay through the WT Study. That was it.

  • PoppyR

    OH YES! I just wanted to jump up and shout and hit people for being so brainwashed and blinded, but now, almost two years on I feel less angry about it all. I went into the KH a couple of months ago for my sons first talk (dont ask, his father still attends) and I found then that I felt much more at peace with it all, more sorry for everyone than angry, and as I got up to leave in the middle I knew how jealous they all were..lol.


  • eclipse

    I will only go back for weddings and funerals.

    I hate the information that is spewed out, but I will go out of respect for loved ones.

  • dedpoet

    I did some independent research into watchtower doctrines, and soon
    realised that it was all bs. That was in 1999, which is the last time I
    ever entered a kh.

    I couldn't see any point in staying once I knew the truth about the org,
    preaching about doctrines that I knew weren't true, or sitting there
    listening to the crap coming from the platform, so I stopped doing it.

  • Frequent_Fader_Miles

    Meeting attendance was unbearable for me LONG before I began fading. The whole charade of fakedom, I couldn't stand it anymore; I stopped "cold turkey". At first I felt a bit guilty, but soon enough I came to my senses ... hey, this is MY life! Why should I live my life concerned with the outward appearance? The Pharisees were condemned for doing just that!

  • flipper

    The time came for me when after meeting with the elders telling me to accept my druggie ex-wife back at the possible harm of my kids, then blaming me for it! I went to my seat right out of the back room, picked up my books, walked out of the kingdom hall before the meeting started, and haven't been back in 4 years. So, yes it was unbearable, completely. Won't go back either. I get an eerie feeling when Iv'e just gone to a funeral there, or even my daughters weddings, it's called claustrophobia

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